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Smiley Faces

Many people have abused a very ancient jester ... the universal language of smiling. Some believe that someone who smiles a lot is looking for something to benefit himself. When some men smile at some women, he is thought to be looking for companionship. And, God forbid ANY man smile at some men. You are thought to be either gay or laughing at them. It is quite unfortunate that what comes natural to humans, to smile and laugh to express our joy, as we do when we are infants, is suppressed as we become adults by the wicked ways of this society we live in. Yes, many things that man has done is far from God's intention, but to try to make children understand that this world doesn't promote their joy is contradictory to the MASTER PLAN. So, no matter how you are interpreted, if you are happy to be here, smile at others and help them share in your happiness. It can be contagious.