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I think I Just landed

I was so lifted on Saturday. Opening for Quik was only something I could dream of until it happened. Then it just felt like home. The crowd was thick. They were feeling every song. People asked to take pictures with me as I walked back thru the crowd. Amazing..

...now back to the grind. Boosting th fanbase

Today Was A Good Day

I can't predict the future, but in this moment, I feel too blessed for words. Thank you to everyone who has supported me up until this point. I knew my dreams would come true one day. I can't wait til this show. Feb 19th with DJ QUIK. Another dream come true.

So for now, I'm writing music and asking people to download my single. Because I just found out it's on ITUNES. Another dream come true.

It's amazing how good life feels when you live in the moment.

Interview with Amber Alert coming soon to my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/amberalertem?feature=mhum

Stay tuned. I appreciate you.