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The early stages of friendship can be some what complicated. Through most if not all friendships start out with good cheer and lots of laughter, we focus on those positive points about one another and filter out anything that may not be to our taste. However, in every friendship there comes a point where we test our boundaries and the strength of our affairs by evaluating our filters and looking at the grimy residue of negative experience, the niggling annoying habit or repeated phrase. This can result in the explosive flame of intervention. Which hypothetically one wouldn't avoid but in practice we present ourselves to one another as a target or the trunk of a tree and use insults and home truths as a woodman's axe and begin chopping at each other until the victorious cries timber. This is a bittersweet moment; though the victor may have one her or she is still a tree. Then something beautiful happens. Both defeated you/we begin to realise that our roots share the same soil and we are of the same ground. We both trees in ruins new seeds are planted and a the same ground is sewn. It's a hurdle we all face and learn to bare in any relationship along the long and winding road.

I personally have learned to be as patient as possible but still haven't got it right yet.

Always, Joby. x