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UFC VS The Music Industry..

UFC VS The Music Industry..

Whats good people!

If anybody knows me, they know the one thing I'm obsessed with besides making music is the UFC and the world of MMA. I'm not really sure what draws me to this bloodsport... It seems so far from creating music, one would ask himself, "How in the HELL can you compare music to the UFC?!"

Well, I'll tell you how, and you'll be surprised at the similarities I've found in UFC fighters, and successful Music artists and entertainers...

In the MMA world:

1.Fighters have 50/50 chance of winning or losing.

2.Fighters that train longer and harder WIN, 95% of the time.

3.UFC fighters have a "Warrior's Mentality".

4.There's always someone trying to take your place.

Now that we've gotten insight from the Octagon, lets look at the music/entertainment world.

1.You have a 50/50 chance of success in my book. You either put yourself out there or not! It's ALL ON YOU!

2.The longer/harder you grind, you'll get more exposure, more fans, and more opportunity quicker than artists that dont! There will be bumps in the road and obstacles, but go hard every single day to ensure your spot at the top...

3.Artists and entertainers who have the "NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES," attitude and mentality ALWAYS win! Even when things seem like they're not moving, they keep pushing until the reach the breaking point... Then push some more! If you hold in your mind that NOTHING will stop you, NO ONE will stand in your way, and every single day you work towards goals... You WILL RISE!

4.There are millions of artists trying to come up in this game. However if you follow the first 3 tips you have a HUGE advantage over the masses. Set yourself apart from the norm. Strive to be the best at your craft, and make original music. It's a cutthroat business, but if your game is sharp as a razor blade, you can survive and gain your spot at the TOP!

As you can see, the Octagon and the viscious arena of music and entertainment is very much alike. They both take hard work, dedication, time, and an attitude of accepting nothing less that victory! I hope you found this helpful.

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-LoDaMack AKA Lorenzo West

Benefits of Collaborating

Collab & Come Up!

By LoDaMack AKA Lorenzo West

What's good people! I was riding in the car the other day, and I suddenly got another idea for creating buzz for yourself as an artists! It's so simple I can't believe more artists dont do this on a regular basis. It's something I call "Collab & Come Up!" So here's what you need to get started:

-A couple of friends to collab with -Access to a studio -Social Media Accounts w/ lots of friends!

Now that you've got your supplies, Here's what you need to do:

-Start collabirating with your friends on some HOT songs! Go ahead and make a mixtape out of it! -Once you have a few tight songs or a decent sized mixtape, START PROMOTING!

1.Tweet the download links to your projects, at lease 4-5 times a day, in between your regular tweets.

2.Post the download links to your projects in your status on FaceBook, and on some of your friends walls.

3.Start a YouTube channel and upload some of the songs, and provide download links in the descriptions.

Now that you've got the basics, send this article to everyone involved in your project. Lets say you and 2 of your homies put together a mixtape. Now lets say that you each have at least 1000-1500 followers on twitter. Now lets also say you each have the more or less friends on facebook that you have access to... Between 3 homies that do a mixtape, Tweet the download links, post them in statuses and walls on facebook, upload a few songs on YouTube, you have the potential to reach THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE EVERY SINGLE DAY! You'll create a pretty decent buzz in NO TIME! Especially if your gaining new followers everyday, new friends on facebook as often as possible, and start getting video views on youtube.

I hope you found this helpful. Hit up your partners and start collaborating on some bangers NOW!!!

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-LoDaMack AKA Lorenzo West