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Fuck Yeah

About time we did some new shit for everyone, lol! We do apologize and are glad you stuck with us through this journey. Leave us some feed back or ask us questions if you want. . . Fuck it... yell at us if you want to!


WOW we have not posted in here for a while lol, we have so much shit going on... merch, music, studio time, 2nd album on the way, tours, shows. YOU NAME IT! ! ! ! keep in touch with us here or wherever you see bury the memories !


Its been a long a bumpy road, but the path has been cleared. We will have our full length ready for all as well as new merch for the world to choose from in just a few short weeks

Photo Shoot

We worked with a wonderful girl Sam Aquino, and went around everywhere. more photos are on the way and so are some more recordings.

Feet On The Ground

Hey guys, just giving some update on Bury The Memories.

We finally have our label and contracts under way, now just working on the new site, songs, shows and merch.

The band looks forward too seeing everyone in the future for shows and more.

Keep it BRUTAL,