CHECK OUT OUR CD AND VID'S ON THE BAND PAGE torinodriveband.com AND FOR BOOKINGS CALL 509-921-2774 weddings/ birthdays/ private partys/ inside or outside! THIS WEEK AT THE BUCKHORN IN AIRWAYHEIGHTS 20&21 STARTS @ 900 PM

jodys doing a solo gig! at the aclub nov 30th

singer songwriter/bass player for torino drive will be doing a show downtown at the aclub,mostly his own folkish americana rock songs and some cover tunes mixed in, music starts at 900 and ending at 1130 you must be 21 to come in tickets online or at the door.


PLEASE PLAY OUR SONGS AND GO TO OUR SITE AT torinodriveband.com we need more fans on our reverb site so check us out!!! thank you for supporting live local music!! torino drive

torino drive

for booking and our cd and video&pic's please go to torinodriveband.com

torino drive cd made in america

well just to let you know we have one more trip to the studio and then it will be sent to arizona to be masterd so it should be done the end of may sometime and last time i herd some of the songs they blew me away! and i can't wait to let everyone here our tunes,its been almost a year now since we started this and now the end is near! torinodriveband.com

TORINO DRIVE @ colville in the red bull bar! april 1st and 2nd

last time we were there it was packed! and we loved it! huge dance floor talkin big! nice stage and pa with a local family runnig everything! we feel right at home at the red bull, collvile washington,gods country!