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The Game We Chose (July 2, 2012)

First off, I wanna thank everyone who has shown love and support for everything BLACK GUVERNMENT has done thus far, be it Music, Parties, Or fundraisers!!! I, as an artist, can really feel the effect of not getting the support I feel I deserve from certain areas but, GOD gives us all challenges. Is it in you to compete at the highest potential, to accomplish your goals??? If not, try another craft!!!! Music is a beautiful thing when you are a consumer but, as the creator, it's a job. A fun job but, a job! It's hard work trying to make music that people would accept. often times, we get caught up in immulating music that's already out because, we fear that if we give you what we have, it might not go over well with the public. I know I've been guilty of doin what's popular, just to get the attention of you all but, I learned that ORIGINALITY, and TRUTH, is never overlooked so, I appreciate the people who appreciate the music I make from my heart!!!! Now is the time to keep flooding my true supporters with the best product possible! Feel free to let me know what y'all think of the music, and videos!!!! Thanks again y'all, PEACE!!!!


I appreciate the love and support I'm getting from everybody! I can't thank y'all enough! Please keep ridin with me on this journey from the bottom to the top! I will do my best to keep providing good music! One love!!!!