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Ready for 2012

A deep breath as we venture into a new and wonderful year of 2012. So much in the energy that is leading towards amazing change. For some it's a time of anxiety and uncertainty. For others it's a time of celebration and peacefulness. For me it's a time to spin as many chakras as I can though my music. For me it's a time to share my music with the world so that it becomes "our" music.

The Year Before 2012 - A New Beginning

So many are thinking somewhere deep in their minds, what if? What if the prediction of the Mayan 2012 end times is real? For me it's a call to live.....even if it's full of shit or not.

But one thing I'll tell you - I'll be writing until I die. Releasing the sounds in my head for me to reminisce about as well as share. Every song I write be it instrumental or not represents hash marks in my life.

After writing music for almost 40 years, there is still a total recall of where I was and what I was doing when I listen to my oldest work. It's the soundtrack of my life........man, what a trip!