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This Place Is Haunted in 2011

Well, TPIH released "You Have Chosen....Poorly!" in August of 2010. it can be purchased at thisplaceishaunted.com It contains the complete soundtrack to GREMLINS 2 from the NES, YO! NOID & Nintendo, Disney and TV/SITCOM music medleys...as well as the rest of the groovy merch the band has to offer!!! We just got back from this years MAGFEST9 , in which we rocked the house to the most people the band has ever played in front of...for more info visit magfest.org We're schedule to play at this summers BIT GEN GAMER FEST in Baltimore as well as many other conventions and venues from Buffalo to Boston all this summer. Keep an eye on our sites for news and updates! search for THISPLACE IS HAUNTED on Facebook! www.thisplaceishaunted.com www.myspace.com/thisplaceishaunted youtube.com/thisplaceishaunted twitter @TPIHvgrock