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Kicking ass and taking names

Well alot has happened first and foremost I have an awesome band now and we are booked solid every weekend...we won a bug battle of band competition at Wild Bills Atanta in June and opened for Rehab at Wild Bills on July 21. It was an awesome night. We have a showcase booked August 5 in Nashville at the Hard Rock Cafe and on the 7th we are competing in the Texaco Country Showdown representing Cat Country 95.3 out of Chattanooga.

Stay tuned lost of great things happening that I cant talk about yet.


Hey ya'll

Had a couple great meetings with song publishers in Nashville today. Looking forward to getting material selected for the EP. We will be releasing three songs to radio in the next few weeks.. Let the Bad Times Roll, I Lost You, and Plain country Road. keep your eyes open and your ears ready! Thanks everyone!

Whats Happening

Wish me luck I am working on signing with an Indie Label in Nashville, our attorney has the contract ....more info to come next week. Zach

Just getting started

Hi everyone, I'm just getting this page up and running so bear with me. I am a 17 year old senior in high school. I've been singing all my life and playing guitar for a couple of years. I just finished a demo in Nashville with Dean Miller Productions. The songs are posted here. I am working with Dean to try to kick off a music career. I've been doing shows around my home town and in Alabama for about a year. I am currently looking for band members (have mostly been performing solo) and gigs. I can do just about any current cover song out there and know a lot of classics too. I'm going to eventually add some footage of live performances and some Youtube videos that I've done. I write also and have some original songs that I hope to get on here eventually as well. Sign up as a fan and contact me if you'd like to book me for a gig.