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Youngsmoove Album plan to be out Feb 14th

Youngsmoove Album "Deep Emotions The Untold Story" plan to be out Feb 14th on iTunes,CDBaby etc and one lucky fan will get a sign Album and poster from Youngsmoove details on that are coming soon!

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10 Facts About Youngsmoove

{Fact 1} Youngsmoove started singing at the age of 12 and started writing songs and dancing at the age of 13

{Fact 2.} Youngsmoove older brother gave him his stage name

{Fact 3.} Did you know Youngsmoove use to be part of a group call the R&B Thugz before going solo

(Fact 4.} Did you know Youngsmoove "Deep Emotions The Untold Story" album is mostly about experiences that he went through with love,relationships,crush and much more get the album which will soon be done and experience Youngsmoove emotions coming soon

{Fact 5.) Youngsmoove very first CD was TLC "Fanmail" album that he gotten when he was 12

{Fact 6.} Youngsmoove favorite color is Orange, and Brown {Fact 7.} Not only can Youngsmoove sing but he also has a hidden talent that no one knows bout which is he can rap and he also loves to act and wants to get into acting one day and be in major film

{Fact 8.} Did you know Youngsmoove plans on putting together and cancer research center in the member of his mother who sadly pass away from cancer when he was only 15 years of age

{Fact 9.} Youngsmoove is also plan on putting together a Foundation in Mississippi to help young kids to enhance there music skills in singing,song writing playing a instrument,stage presence and much more it will also help them get music scholarships for college and also give them the opportunities to pen up for artist or write for them just to show them that if you work hard and keep the Lord first the sky is the limited

{Fact 10.} Did you know Youngsmoove have gotten the chance to speak with major producers in the music industry sch as Polo Da Don who have produce songs for usher,Keri Hilton and much more and also Troy Taylor the guy that discover Trey Songz and did you also know that Youngsmoove also gotten sign to Ludacris Label (DTP) Disturbing The Peace and Youngsmoove is still working hard and hungry for making his dream come true and keep you ears and eyes open cause Youngsmoove plan on making a name for himself in the music industry and make his Youngsmoove a household name

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