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2012 and it's off!!!

Well the holidays have come and gone faster than usual (don't they always) and we have been laying low but busy! We started tracking for our new record to come out this year entitled "Trail" in the fall, we've seen friends come and go and we are welcoming our newest bass player Robert into the band. We are gearing up for a busy year and it's already February (aack!) Stay tuned!

East Bound Tour With Chase Hamblin

East Coast Summer Tour Over - Amazing Time - Thank you Chase Hamblin - Thank you Josh Applebee - Thank you Mark Austin - New Orleans - The FOOD - Historic Stage - Great new friends - Come crash at my place - All of you - Take showers too - Thank you Cecily! - Little Rock - Pizza - Greasy - Tasty - $240 for a CD? Thanks man! - Driving through the night - Attack of the million mosquitoes - Winston-Salem - Rockabilly? - Elliot’s Revue - The amazing and loving Vicky - Awesome crowd - Vintage shopping at night - New York City - Nap on Washington Square - Made the lower east side our hood for four days - Caracas Arepa Bar, mmm - Hey, I’m walking here! - Local 269 - Rude dude - Old friends’ first show - Party - Ambulance! - Big scare! Nah, he’ll be fine - Lady Liberty - Lit Lounge - Great sound guy - Queens - Thanks Ric! - Heavy partying - Strawberry Fields - Fontana’s - Hey mr. sound guy, wake up! - Goodbye Big Apple - Goodbye, Josh, we’ll miss you - Rain driving in Jersey - DC - Judy’s “Lounge” Metal - Big bouncer dudes - Late night drive through the sights - Goodbye Antonio, have a safe flight you lucky bastard! - Drive - Drive - Drive - Home - It’s a fine time to be alive. Thank you.


... feels like a turning point for us. New CD, new video, the new band has become greater than the sum of it's parts. New friends, new shows, HOB, SXSW, iFest and SummerFest... then New York?

We are having fun. We are excited and we are working very hard.

Good times.

Peace & Love; Espantapajaros.