Split EP with Embalming Theatre out now

Split ep we did with Embalming Theatre is out now on power it up records black vinyl and limited set of orange vinyl diehards.

'99 Demo Chronicles of pain released on 7"

The long lost 2 track demo tape that was only sent to some labels back in the day has now been released on a limited edition 7" vinyl record with awesome art by adam geyer. It features two tracks namely merchant of misery and the whisperer in the dark. First one is about the movie phantasm and second one about the movie in the mouth of madness. This was done in a period where we were more grindy and includes the other founding member of Fondlecorpse in a line-up that has been long gone.

Available from the band soon and from the label now! http://escaravelhorecordsstore.bigcartel.com/