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Favorite Bands (Second Installment)

The second band I'd like to talk about is one of the most underrated rock bands around today. I am talking about the band Clutch.

Coming from Maryland, this band started as a hard rock 4 piece. Over the years, however, they have transformed into a southern blues rock band, adding keyboards and harmonica in some situations. One of the tightest bands you will ever see live, they are professionals in the ultimate sense of the word. Clutch's frontman, Neil Fallon, spews out lyrics in his gritty voice and deserves to be regarded as one of the best lyricists ever. Between the catchy guitar licks, rock solid rhythm section, and a crooner's voice, this band has perched itself high on our list of favorite bands.

Favorite Bands (First Installment)

There are a few choice bands as of late that all of us from the Slutty Squirrels have grown to love. These are the kind of bands that you just have to have. Not just one song, one album, one live show. Get every little piece of audio ever recorded by these bands, and enjoy it.

The Screaming Females

This band out of New Brunswick, NJ fucking rocks. In my opinion, the best band of the 2000's. Tight drums, groovy bass, shredding guitar, a voice you'll fall in love with and great songwriting to top it all off. They also put on a killer live show, and sound great everywhere. Even on an off night with sickness and tech troubles working against them, they still manage to put on the best show of the night. We go to every show we can to see the Screamales, and you should to.