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Getting distracted

Well, it's certainly hard to get anything done when the weather is so gorgeous.. and i feel justified in fully enjoying it now as one never knows when it might happen again. I live just opposite the beach so have been swimming in the sea, and for England it's surprisingly warm.. also played first game of tennis for 20 years.. so not getting much music done, but sometimes body and soul just needs rest and relaxation!

Walking the Camino

Okay.. so this doesn't strictly have anything to do with music, but recently I've been taking time out generally: I realised that I needed rest and renewal and a change of scene, because that's all part of the creative process too and I felt that I had got stuck in a rut and quite frankly, ill! So I packed my rucksack and headed off to Northern Spain.. I didn't walk the entire Pilgrimage route, which is a rather alarming 500 miles, but I did walk 300 of them. it's quite an experience.. every day up at six, practically walking in the dark (I've never seen so many sun rises), walking with blisters and sore feet and burning up in the mid-day sun and freezing the next day. Met lots of lovely people from all over the world: all nationalities and all ages. it's intense! In a way I have no idea what that was all about, but it was somehow nourishing! Hopefully now, I will get back to writing some new songs.


last year I wrote a song loosely based on the 'Rapunzel' story, involving an old crone, the beautiful Rapunzel and a handsome Prince.. plus rather a lot of hair.. have now decided to make a music video of this, and looking for help from skilled film-makers or semi-skilled film-makers with lots of enthusiasm... also have to make a wig of very long blonde hair.. any ideas?