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New Man In The Alley

After much thought and soul searching, syrupy bassist Ben Turner has decided to leave our seedy little alley in search of someplace more... philosophical. His chocolaty bass solos, wit and metaphorically original musical analogies will be sorely missed. We wish him the best on his journey into the unknown and we look forward to the possibility of him sitting in with us in the future, possibly on flute. We are however, delighted to welcome a new resident to Sugartown and our little alley, namely Mr. Ken Critchfield. From his syncopated bass rhythms to the the stylish paperboy cap on his head, one may even assume Ken to be one of the very founders of this fabulous town. We are thrilled to have him, and feel our fans will appreciate that they merely have to switch a B for a K in calling out his name when he shreds on that upright.

Slap me some Sugar

SugarTown is in the process of recording. Our next show is March 18th at Jed's Barber Shop where you will be able to purchase a CD!