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Been awhile since I have done an update. I need to do more ;) What's happening in my world of music may you ask? Well quite a bit of fun things personally coming up and also more building myself as a musician. June I will be heading to Boston for 3 days for a tour of the studios at Berklee College of Music with workshops, music business, music production and songwriting panels and networking opportunities with fellow musicians/producers/music business personnel/etc. As I have stated before I am focused hugely on getting a Bachelor's degree in Audio Production through Berklee College of Music. This event in June will be an amazing step in my musical journey. 2 months away!!! I am making more progress in my home recording studio with the building. Studio doors and windows are getting close to being put in. The building of the room has hindered some of my time recording new material, but it will be awesome when complete and there is no shortage on musical material I am constantly writing and composing. Great things are ahead!!

I also get to look forward to my first concert of the year with In This Moment and Godsmack on May 17th in Chicago. Everytime I see Godsmack they are badass so I can't wait. I can't remember my last concert I been to. Then I scored a Lollapolooza ticket on August 1st just so I can see Metallica again! Add in a week vacation to Virginia Beach in July and it's looking like an eventful schedule coming up for me. I want to thank you all who follow my life and my music. I appreciate the support and patience as I get closer and closer to getting myself musically together and get my first album out to you all.

Love and Metal!! -Steve

1/1/15 Update

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!! I want to thank you all for being part of my journey so far. 2014 was a great year musically for me as I finished my master certificate for audio production at Berklee College of music. I got to get my first experience playing live in front of crowds through a local cover band for 6 gigs. Then being able to get featured all day on a radio show with two of my songs was one of the many goals in music I have that I can say I reached. I'm starting to see all my dedication connect together. 2015 is gonna add to this progression on my journey of music. Thanks to everyone for the support and can't wait to welcome more new, awesome people along this journey forward. Thanks and Happy New Year!! -Steve


http://www.touhyville.com/ This friday two of my songs will be playing on Steve Touhy's radio show for his unsigned artist segment. The show airs from 630am - 930am and repeats all day if you can't listen when it's live that day. When you go to the link make sure to click the "click to listen" button at the top right of the site if the radio doesn't automatically start playing. Thanks. Can't wait!

10/1/2013 Update

Just a quick update. This week I started class 5 out of 9 for my audio production degree at Berklee College of Muisc in Boston, MA. I been taking these courses to really enhance the production quality of my music. I like not only playing and creating my own music, but also the production side of it. I'm in the process of finishing building my own home music production studio in which I'll be opening up in the near future to produce the work of local artists in the Chicagoland area for an affordable price. Stay tuned for that and if interested go to the Contact section to send me an email. I have some of my information up in the About section relating to Producing Music. And finally...I plan to have my first full length album out near the end of 2014. I'm excited to get it out and share more music with you all. Peace and keep rocking on \m/