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Everybody's working for the weekend

We have 5 shows in 4 days this week!! These include two Chameleon Club shows in a row! "WHat HJF?? in a ROW" You bet your bottom dollar! On Thursday we're headlining The Chameleon Club's Summer FEST and Friday is The Radio Station 105.7 the X's Finals for their battle of the bands. Out of 44 bands 5 made it to the finals, and the winner gets to open for the Rock Allegians show at Hershey Stadium. Another awesome factor is that all profits from this Battle of the Bands goes to the Children's Miracle Network. We're also playing at ABC in Harrisburg for a benefit to raise money for Autism!

We're recording new songs this Monday and Tuesday and we think they'll make quite the Hoopla!!! We'll be releasing our new demo very soon, but we'll be playing some of our new material live for the first time this weekend! These are some of our personal new favorites, your ear holes best be STOKED!

If you wanna be our lovers, you gotta get with our friends

This has been a BA summer! We put on two fundrazers for Children's Miracle Network, Headlined Greenwich Villages, have been getting weekly airplay on the radio station 105.7 The X and we've been in three festivals with one still to go. Our next show is The Chameleon Club's Endless Summer Fest and we are headlining it with Jesse Baker! We have a few new tunes that we're winding up to record in early August. We're also shooting our first music video with Baltimore's finest Josh Frisch! We'll be keeping you posted on these bad boys. It's our bassist Zach Fallon's B-Day tomorrow! We expect everyone who reads this to get mid-day trashed as a pirate. Show your bosses this blog. We expect that your bosses will understand and join you.

We just LAUNCH-ed in the paints!

We just got home from being in Lancaster for the past four days at the LAUNCH Music Conference! This shiz was crazy, it was literally a small city over run by over 230 bands! We're stoked about all the good friends we made and were very happy to see some old ones. Next weekend we're going to Brooklyn to rock out Cinco De Mayo on May 5th (for those who can't speak spanish). We're playing at Arlene's Grocery! This venue has hosted The Strokes, The Bravery, Moby and many other kick booty artists. So when they asked us to come make magic we said "Oh heck yes BROTHER!" Check out our new single "So Long" we just released on the two song EP Pontiac Cowboys. It's bound to make you get naked. So you know.. look out for that

Hold on to your Y-fronts!!

We have 11 shows in four weeks! We know what you're thinking "Jeeesh, this is probably the most shows you've played in a short amount of time". Don't be stupid. Yes it is, but are fretting? Not a fret, we're hungry for these shows like panther on an empty stomach. We have three shows this weekend alone! And the best part is that we're headlining most of them. Dinner is served panther heart.. We're finishing recording our Session 3 EP this week! On this we'll be releasing two new songs called "Quick Trigger Finger" and "I Remember" we're stoked as the dickens about these two. Be ready. Yupp, it's that time again. We're about to order new T-shirts, posters, and make over websites. Any young artist (or old) looking to get some exposure should send us some original art that we can use, if we use it we'll advertise you and your blog/site/what evs. We don't care what style, just listen to our music and do what you do best.

No other factory in the world mixes its chocolate by waterfall

We're very bumbed that Twinkey's are going out of business, but on the bright side we're recording Session 3 this next week which features two new Hot Jam songs! GET RIPPED Along with hitting Full Tilt Productions (the greatest studio ever run by the golden Jason Shaffer) we're about to be playing some stellar shows. We're kicking this puppy off with The Millennium Music Conference this Saturday @ 10pm at Coakley's Irish Pub. February into March we're gun slinging shows all through Washington D.C., Baltimore and Philly. It's gonna be electric sex! We'd like to thank Samm Dove, our excellent Pro Photographer for kick'n names and taking ass! Check out her captivating art at http://sdovephotography.wordpress.com/ -it's so choice. Until next time, Adieu, adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow.

Oh My Whoopy Pie

We got a touring van! It's a 89 time traveling baby magnet, and we're PSYCHED as peach to put it to good use! That's why we've been booking all of Laet February and March in Philly and D.C. "what's that Hot Jelly Machine? You're playing big cities away from here??" "No worries our sweet sweet imaginary fan, We're still playing plenty of local shows like The Rock Kat and Chameleon Club. We're just trying to spread the love ya dig" A music video by the great Josh Frisch is in progress, but it will be some time before that's complete. Also, our Rock Kat show is coming up on Saturday the 14th. Then right after that on Monday the 16th we're playing Philadelphia's World Cafe battle of the bands. We could use your support if any of you jive turkeys are looking for a good time those nights ;)

Bring in the New Year with a "yess"

We just played our first show in Brooklyn of what we plan to be many and it was FABULOUS as ALL HELL! Mark Boeshore got his sea legs and we made some cool new friends while we were at it! We now have a "Live at The Trash in Brooklyn" CD we'll be putting on line shortly. The next few weeks we only have about three shows which is a change up from the marathon of at least one show every weekend that we've been doing for the past 3-4 months. No worries my flock of seagulls, we are not slowing down in any way we are righting LOTS of new material and recording!! YAAABBA DABBA! We're also booking more shows for this Feb and March that will be in D.C., Baltimore, Philly and Brooklyn. Get JACKED! Remember all you space ghosts, if you bring us a bag of clothes to donate to the less fortunate we will give you a free CD and mention you on our "Do Gooderz Doing Good" List.

Brooklyn Bound

We have our first show in Brooklyn this Monday the 26th! The Trash bar was haunted by Notorious B.I.G. who opened it in 1992 and told the booking agent "Look Simba, you cats gotta book these monsters of dance, they're kings!" Fake story short, we're playing at the Trash Bar at 9pm EST. So strap on your B-vests and get JACKED, it's gonna be a good time. $7 to get in and open bar from 8-9.

Cristion is back full throttle (Charlie's Angels two) and it's simply splendid! We are VERY excited to welcome our newest member to The Factory, Mark Boeshore. He is a wizard of the six strings and a damn fine dresser. You can hear him at most any show to come! We are setting up recording in January and we are more excited than ever. With new material that we believe to be the greatest things we've done with our lives in the history of us, it's gonna be pretty righteous.

"All Family"

"All Family" is our new single we're releasing this week! We're very excited, this is our first song that we have collaborated in studio with anyone on. And it was a great experience, we were honored to work with Space Traveling Stephen Shuey and Ginny Riddle. We recorded at Full Tilt Productions with our favorite recording wizard Jason, as always. All together it was a ball and a half, to say the least. Dec. 10th we're playing at The 720 Club's Christmas FEST, but even more exciting, that's the day our original bassist Cristion Rocky returns from Ireland to reunite with us! And it's gonna feel sooo good. He's been going to school abroad and playing in a great band called The Dead End Band, but soon enough he'll be ours again. December we're playing a few places while recording two new songs but January is something to really look forward to, kicking it off with headlining shows at The Champ and The Kat Rock and our release to our next Demo! P.S. The Muppets Movie is Phenomenal, if you haven't seen it you should probably ask yourself "what am I doing with my life?"

Last time we saw change

It's been a fast moving summer and fall for us with hitting the studios (hard enough to come out with two demos), while playing all around PA. But we can't slow down now, this Saturday we're one of the headliners at The Chameleon Club followed by eight more weeks of eight more shows. We're also recording more at Full Tilt Productions right before Thanksgiving! Our original Bassist Cristion Rocky is returning in a month on Dec. 10th. When Cristion left for Ireland for the semester we got a substitute bassist Brett Rutter. Sadly Brett turned out to be a phenomenal musician and an even better friend to the Hot Jam Fam. So in one month we'll have Brett Rutter show us a thing or two on keyboard and Cristion will be on the bass once more! We're psyched as Alakazam. We'd like to thank Cayt Lesher and add her to our "Do Gooderz Doing Good" list. Anyone who brings us a bag of clothes to donate to the less fortunate gets a free CD and put on our DGDG list. Just bring a bag to any of our shows and get major brownie points... Santa's watching. Keep up with us for dates on the release of our new demo. It's a commin real soon now ya hear?