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I wrote this song in the summer of 1986 for my ten year class reunion. I took the song to Jerry Sadler, a dear friend and fellow classmate and said we should do this song at the class reunion. Jerry played classical guitar and we were college roommates and played football together in high school and briefly in college. We practiced it a couple times that day and sang it that night at the reunion. It went over well. Later i remember reading a book entitled this by University of Tennessee football coach Johnny Majors. I remember thinking that was a bit ironic since I grew up a Tennessee and a Majors fan. Well years went by, as they do, and when the plans were being made to have a 100 year celebration of Livingston Academy, my old high school, someone mentioned the song to me. LA was formed in 1909 as a private school but has long since been the only public high school in Overton County, Tennessee. I decided to dig the song out and record it. Jerry has been dead over 10 years now , dying so young from a bout with cancer. It pains me to think of that, as I still miss him. The song does remind me of him and the good times we all had from those days. Jammy Beaty, Jerry Cravins, Ricky Roberts, Tommy Poston, Donald Winningham, Doug Hunter, Billy Cole, Tim Smith, John Allen, Mike "Rip" Allred, along with Jerry played as seniorson the Hogeye football team of 1975-76 school year , well except for Ricky who was a basketballer only. Anyway it's always good to 'Go Home Again.' I hope this song takes you there as well. Thanks to Rich Herring for he guitar and the production of this simple guitar(s) -vocal. I rarely sing a demo but this one just felt like I needed to.