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My Life

You dont know me,,but if you listen to my music you can get a good idea of who I am,,cuz mostly when I write,,when im not fucking around,,I write about my lifestyle how I live and tha people im surrounded by my influences people I look up to,,growing up as a kid I didnt have a father so when I wasnt spending tha little time I had with my moms,,I was out and about causing KAOS since i was a kid,,never could sit still for 5 minutes,,i was a lab rat basically i went to depeltion,,there they tested new medicine on me which fortunately stopped at rhydolen and aderol,,haa now i cant get enough of em,,i was more than a handful but i eventually grew up and found my passion MUSIC,,if you would have told me 6 years ago that Im gonna be making music for a living? I would have laughed and just walked off,,but music is my life!! Ive always looked for tha perfect way to express my self and in music i can be whoever i wanna be,,do watever i wanna do,,and become someone that ill be proud of in 15-20 years,,and tha fact that im white adds an interesting and contoversial attribute to tha mix,,cuz one thing I love to do is PISS people off,,and how much more can I say people hate tha fact that I rap,,but i think most of them are mad cuz I fucked their moms,,sorry guys,,well anyway if your still reading this? your fuckin crazy haha but also that means your a good fan and i appreciate tha time your takin out of your life to find out more about who I am and I will gladly check out your music and give my full opinion,,thank you!!