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Very excited -2-people purchased our original song "Mysterious Origin" from The Sidewinder Band page on Reverbnation. THANK You SO much!! You guys made our day- it's only 2-copies, but to us it's inspiring and makes it all worth while that someone LIKES our original material. THANK YOU!!! http://www.facebook.com/thesidewinderbandpittsburgh



Sidewinder Schedule

Here is Sidewinder's schedule: Saturday May 4th benefit for The Fallen Police Officers at Club WHIM in station square with The Chain (Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band) , $15 admission - a cup is $5 and you can refill it with beer during the event from 2-6pm. All proceeds benefit the Fallen Police Officers Memorial Fund in Allegheny County.

Sunday May 5th - The Pittsburgh Marathon - Liberty and 26th street in the Strip, 8am - 1:30pm

Friday May 17th 4-6pm- Nationality Days - Merchant St. in Ambridge, Main Stage.

Friday, May 24th BRGR Cranberry Mall 10p-12a Happy Hour

June Saturday June 1st - Highland VFW Park Rd Chippewa 7:30p-11:30pm Saturday June 8th Cafe Notte (tentative) Saturday June 22nd - Hard Rock with The Chain (Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band) 10:30 pm

July Friday July 5th BRGR Cranberry Mall 10p-12am Happy Hour

August Saturday, August 3rd - Conway Community Days- 6pm- through Fireworks Sunday, August 11th Washington Moose picnic 3pm-7pm American Legion, Park Ave

Thursday August 15th Zelienople Thursday August 22nd Jergel's

September Saturday September 21st - Zanafest benefit Friday September 27th BRGR 10pm-12am Happy Hour Saturday, September 28th Washington Moose 9pm-1am

November Friday November 8th BRGR Cranberry Mall 10p-12a Happy Hour


Our lead singer, Dena Miller is featured in the Business Section of today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/business/news/shopping-hauls-a-bargain-video-genre-on-the-rise-650571/

Bob's debut

Bob Spak KILLED last night. 6 days after having 3-stenst inserted, Bob ROCKED the house on bass and vocals. We had SO many compliments from the audience about his performance and stage presence, it was unbelievable. Bob's stage presence is amazing- he is all over the stage, commanding a thundering 5-string bass and doing lead and backing vocals. Sidewinder has gone from being a cup of coffee to an Espresso. We're looking at adding a keyboard player next and working on originals. With persistence, consistency and Hard work, we may eventually be coming to your town to perform, we may even make money at this someday- as long as it remains FUN!!!

Robin Armstrong Seeber
Robin Armstrong Seeber  (about 5 years ago)

omg, I thought he died.. sheesh, glad i read the rest!! yay Bob

It went well.

Sidewinder Bite 5- Our Bass Player had 3-stents put in on Friday and we had to decide to play or not to play. We explained our situation to the bar owner and she suggested we do an acoustic show since she was expecting a crowd. SO we played 3-piece last night at Crossroads. Guitar - drums and vocals. It got off to a shaky start with a very small crowd in the beginning. As we played into our set we gained confidence - regained our energy and although we didn't have Bob, our bass player- we tried our best to make it work. People started coming in around 10:45 or 11 pm and although there wasn't a great response, the majority stayed. If you're in a band and you ever face this situation, my advice would be if you have competent players, do the gig, but be honest with the crowd and let them in on what's going on. Your honesty will gain respect and understanding and the crowd will usually stick with you. The bar owner will also appreciate rather than having the bar tenders have to explain the band cancelled and why. Just my opinion for what it's worth. Next week Sidewinder performs at the New Castle Moose. One other matter of importance- we have some really good friends in LYTES by EnD who provided a fantastic light show and d.j.'s before and after our sets. Rick Slick was tremendous in coming in to help us with sound. THANK YOU, we couldn't have done it without you.

what would you do?

Bob, our new bass player had to have 3-stents put in due to heart issues. Needless to say, as much as he would like to-he cannot play tonight . We tried to have another really talented bass player come in last night to fill in tonight, but our material and arrangements are SO diverse, it just isn't going to happen. I called the bar owner and she said there are a LOT of people coming tonight and she would rather SIDEWINDER play 3-piece acoustic than cancel the show. Doug, our guitar player feels it could hurt the reputation of the band if we don't have bass and our full show. I've always lived by the old saying "the show must go on" SO - what would you do?

Sidewinder Bite 3

I told you I would be honest with these Blogs with no Bullshit. SO our new Bass player that just joined the band on Wednesday was at work Thursday and started experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath. Long story short - he is undergoing stress tests, ekg and other tests. Looks like he may not be able to do the gig Saturday. We are talking to a friend who is a bass player to see if he can fill in TOMORROW night. Some of our arrangements are a little complicated. It's either jam through with a good player that doesn't know our material or cancel. I have never cancelled a gig in all the years I played. I need to call the bar owner, right? Stay tuned.

Reality Sidewinder Bite 2

Just finished an audition/practice with Bob on bass, he didn't miss a beat and his vocals are amazing. Doug, Dena and I were all pleasantly surprised. We invited Bob to join our band and he accepted. Please come out to Crossroads 401 Brodhead Rd. Moon Twp. this Saturday and welcome Sidewinder's newest member Mr. Bob. He plays bass, keys, accordion, and SINGS really well and in key !!!! We are truly touched he is joining our little band. Thank you Bob, you saved the day!

Reality Sidewinder Bite

For those who have had the pleasure of playing in a band with the same people from the beginning - hats off to you. Our Bass player quit yesterday to pursue other avenues. SO that leaves us in a quandary because Sidewinder is playing THIS SATURDAY at Crossroads, 401 Brodhead Rd in the Pittsburgh area. I have asked a friend of mine to fill in and we are practicing tomorrow to see how it goes. In the spirit of reality TV I will post how things go on a daily basis - for real - no Bullshit like the set ups on some of those reality TV shows, Check our web site tomorrow for an honest appraisal and to see how it goes. If you don't care, that's cool. It's just something I want to do. Peace out, baby.