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Time to Vote

Voting for Nashville Universe is Open! You must be a member Nashville universe to vote ....go to http://thenashvilleuniverse.com sign up click on award show hit the vote button. All of this is free to do. I am nominated for songwriter and in song “There Ain’t No train to Nashville” You can hear it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6buPePQXESk Please also consider voting for The Snares Duo of the year, Vradio Nashville ..station of the year /mick Womack and Lacie jay radio personality's of the year , Gibson Cage, Mocking Bird Hill, LC Music Management, Joseph Page of Vladopus9, Doc Holiday, ASCAP and NSAI

Lets keep that counter moving!

Well in only 13 days this video is 34th most viewed video out of 289 video's on Nashville Open Mics you tube channel. It has 253 views I need 500 more views to put it into the top 10. Please watch and share this video. Likes and favorites on youtube can only help.....lets do this!! Thank YOU!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7piISkiVTc

I was blown away......

Good night I played out the Cumberland Gap out for the first time. I know the song doesn't fit normal musical patterns structures but I wanted to get feedback from other musicians. A Mando player came up and said " do not know what they look for in Nashville but if what they want is talent ..... you got that. When you leaving ?" I told him him... and he said, "I will say a Novena for your success in Nashville." That blew me away, someone I never met him before and he is going to pray for me.... 9 days in a row (for non Catholics) just wow! I was just a great night! Plus a friends mom showed up a few other friends too.

Its Time

I'm going to Nashville!!

New Song for people of Moore OK

Trying for a folk Ballad http://youtu.be/y3R_OGQlEQI

In traditional mind set

Every now and then I feel a need for change. I had using a a Fender Elvis Kingman for live use. But I think its time to go back to using more traditional Martin D-28 Guild F-50 STD and Guild F-512 (the Nashville flood refugee that belonged to Jerry McPherson)