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Last Nights show included Effron Whites "He's PEZ"

An award winning songwriter Effron White wrote a song about me. Copy ans paste the link below. Very honored. He played it in the round we played together https://www.facebook.com/Rick.p.Stewart/videos/10209906632253445/?comment_id=10209913366261791&notif_id=1508624929452703&notif_t=video_reply

Part four of my first week in Nashville

4 years ago today, I went to the Commodore Grille with every intention of playing. I was there early. I was first person signed up. Then waited nervously as Pam Belford If I know me and Jan Buckingham Cleopatra Queen of Denial and a song about the Cuban Missile crisis. Really wondering if should even be there. I played Ain't No Train to Nashvilleat the Open Mic and Debi Champion handed me a card and said booking for Nov. After wondering if I was good enough to be be here, I found I was. Projection and course of my life changed. I went back of building and tears of joy rolled down my face. Not too bad for my 3rd day in town.

Taking a walk down Memory Lane part tray

So 4 years ago today... I lefts Knights Inn and went to thew Country Music Hall of Fame. I took the RCA Studio B tour. I accidentally ended up standing where Jim Reeves stood in while recording vocals. When got back from there I called Douglas Corner Cafe to play their Writers Round. I was 1:45 pm. I got right through. The web page call between 1 and 6 pm. Then Continued my walking around the Hall of Fame. I laughed out loud after seeing Buck Owens had the same picture with woman in an English riding outfit holding up a glass of champagne, in front of a Rolls Royce, parked in front of the Dept of Health Education and Welfare, caption "Poverty Sucks" in his office. I have the same picture on my wall. At 8pm I got to Douglas Corner and found out that you really need start calling at at 1255pm and redial till you get through. I was number 53 and I had wait to get to play. I met Donnie Winters and Rhonda for the first time. While killing time on the deck in back I met Emmett Grayson McCarthy for the first time. Who gave me some sage advice on how things work here. I finally got to play at 210am to tables and chairs and Tommy Turner who I did not know yet. Thus my first performance in Nashville happened on my 2nd full day in town.

Taking a walk down Memory Lane part Duex

4 years ago today I rented a car was determined to play the Bluebird Cafe Open Mic. I got there at 2pm and sat in the car with AC on. I was waiting for the first get in line. That happened at 245pm. So I the 2nd person in line. I got number 64 in the lottery. So was NOT going to get to play that night. I was given the stamped ticket to play the following Monday. I made sure I was going to be here on 2 Monday's just in case that happened; and it did. But I did get watch the show. On the way back I saw a sign that said Music Row so I cut back up that way on 16th Ave South. Now a friend from Alabama had told me about super cool place called Booby's Idle Hour when I saw it I stopped. Because the guitar case did not fit in rental car trunk I brought the guitar inside. Tried to order Scotch .... did not know they only sold beer. There was 5 guys there it soon turned into a guitar pull. I played my deepest depressing gut wrenching song I have, "The Boulevard". After what seemed like forever one of the guys said people like happy fun songs. I felt crushed.. The guitar went around maybe 5 times. I was hungery I asked for where I could go to get a real meal like a diner. They Sent me to the Hermitage Cafe. I realized recognized the place Sugarland's music video, Love your Baby Girl. I had $12.95 streak w/biscuts and gravy and hashbrowns. Then I had to ask where the bathroom was. Never would have guessed where that was. I returned to knights Inn thus ended my first full day in Nashville.

Taking a walk down Memory Lane

4 years ago yesterday , I just got off at the Nashville Greyhound Terminal. Checked into Knights Inn on Spring street. It was a Sunday. I took a cab to the Commodore and had a steak dinner and glass of Glenfiddich. I met Debi Champion for the first time. I was way too exhausted to play at the open mic at 10pm after no sleep on the bus. Guy Gilchrist was there. After hearing a few of the writers play I was thinking do I belong here? Am I good enough to play in Nashville. I ended up meeting Scotty Wray in the parking lot. He was Miranda Lambert Guitar player. He had Boston Red Sox Shirt on. They just played 2 dates in Fenway. I was back at the motel by 9pm I ended up sleeping for 12 hours.

I have been in Nashville 1 year

Over the last year, I performed my music 85 times in Nashville .... Started to get regular from ASCAP. Worked on a major prime time Network TV Drama 8 times......... Was in room an Oscar winner twice. Met some of the best writers in music, including Hall of Famers and Grammer winners, Attended the CMA Awards, A CMA Christmas, Cma Fest, NAMM convention, The NRA Convention, Stood on the Grand Ole Opry Stage as curtain went up on 89 birthday show. Wrote an Erotic Novella, and am part of the production of a musical comedy that about to start a national tour......... All I can say is wow! Plus I do not think I can return to the life I had in Connecticut. I am Happy Optimistic and can see things continue move forward! Oh ya dated a 21 yo model ........... Thinking back its almost unreal!! I have been blessed all the weird twist and turns the hand God has to be at work.

Nashville Universe Awards

Hello Great News! Voting is live for the first round of Nashville Universe Awards from Jan. 5th till Jan 31st. I am pleased to announce that I up for 4 awards. Please take the time to make out a profile http://thenashvilleuniverse.com and vote for Paul PEZ Zukowski. Entertainer of the Year Songwriter of the Year Song of the year “The Cumberland Gap” http://youtu.be/6buPePQXESk?t=3m40s Publisher of the Year, Paul PEZ Zukowski Music Publishing, ASCAP I am also asking that people my friend and business partner Edgar White. He nominated for Entertainer of the Year Songwriter of the Year Song of the Year “I Don’t Twerk” http://youtu.be/AYlVHbKEmZE Publisher of the year Jerrine Music, Inc. Here the Link to Vote at http://thenashvilleuniverse.com/page/nashvilleuniverse-awards Top 5 from the first round moves on the finals. Voting the first week in Feb. The awards show is Feb 23, 2015 Thank You please share with your friends.

My first red carpet


The Silver Dollar Saloon will have several parking spaces cleared in front of the entrance for those of you arriving by Limo. As you enter the building, there will be photos on the red carpet in front of our Nashville Universe Awards step and repeat backdrop and then artists are asked to walk to the back to be interviewed prior to the show. The doors will open at 7PM and the Applebutter Express will kick off the show. We recommend getting to the show early but no one can enter until 7PM!

Please note that we are professionally filming this show so please avoid wearing white and please no logos.

We are getting a lot of questions about tickets, when you arrive, please have your phone out showing your Nashville Universe profile and ID and you are in! You are welcome to bring anyone with you to this show just have them sign up on NU and then get ready for a show to remember! If you bring someone that needs to sign up at the door we will assist.

We are looking forward to this show and for everyone to get a chance to meet. Additionally, we promise there will be some surprises as it is C.R.S. week in Nashville and with performances by Trailer Choir, Timothy Chance Band, Gibson Cage, Southern Push, Katlyn Lowe, Travis Wayne, Hillbilly Hammer, Colt Ford and others, it's going to be off the hook!



surprise 2014 is looking good

I found I am the #1 solo artist on Reverbnation all genre and world wide. Still kinda in shock. Plus vote still open songwriter of the year at www.nashvilleuniverse.com

Double messages

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