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New Album ,G.Y.F.I. #2

It's been a little while since throwing an update here ,so we figured better late than never right? First a HUGE welcome and thanks to the brand new fans and supporters of Idols Plague. You ALL rule!! Thank you for helping us with the kind words,donations,coming to shows, and feedback on the shows and tracks it means a lot to these two boys! So as you may know we just cut SEVEN brand new tracks for our next release "Nursery Crimes". The tracks go as follows "Beat n' Sour" "Insignificant Other" "Demon Whore" "Sacrifice" "Always the Asshole" "Y" "FetalJuice" we are hoping to have the whole album on a 7" vinyl available within the next few months . We are waaaay pumped with all the tracks. A lot more intensity than our prior ep "Angels to Some...Demons to others (still available on this page for free download). A lot of our musical influences mixed together on this to bring you our special hybrid of Punk,Grind,Thrash,Power Violence. we cannot wait to show it to all you all!! As of right now we have posted a two in one track (Sacrifice/Always the Asshole off this NEW album on this page for a free download!! Also we will have "FetalJuice" featured on the "Hindsight Studios Comp" (out in a month) and also a super awesome Mega-Comp out of LA with some the finest grind and Power Violence outta that area (in about a month also). When we have a title and a link for the comp we will let you all know immediately. If this wasn't enough action we helped organize a grind festival with our good friend Mike Moses of Jesus Christ Verses the World. It was the second time we had been a part of this fest titled Grind Your Face In. Two days,all day 20 bands!!! Two words to describe this show E-PIC!! Grindcore masters Noisear flew out for their first show in the US in over a year and headlined both nights! Fetus Eaters was amazing in helping headline the first night (you need to see these guys), and PHOBIA made a very special unannounced appearance to add a blistering set to double headline the second night!!! HOLY SHIT it was INCREDIBLE!!! Every single one of these bands brought their best sets to the table helping to create a show that will linger in the minds of everybody who took part in this for a long time to come, if not forever. In our photos section of this page look at the flyer of G.Y.F.I. 2,then take a minute to listen to each band . It will be time well spent and you will be glad you did. These bands are all very unique in their sound and deserve your support! 2012 was fucking awesome for Idols Plague's second year as a band. I can't even begin to describe all of the crazy nights and days of the MANY shows we partook in this year. It was an incredible year from Tom O'Connell joining the band in the very beginning of 2012. His creative genius was an addition to this band that is impossible to put into words!, The shows with Black Breath,Noisear, In Defense, Wartorn, Seas Will Rise, GodawfulNoise, Phobia, Bad Acid Trip, Actuary,Pig Life, ACxDC,Bruce Campbell and soooooo many more awesome bands and shows that just killed it! Thank you all for helping make all this happen, Spread the Plague - Scooby

The New Video, New Friends

We put together this little home video of us working out a newer untitled Idols Plague track for our upcoming LP. The idea is to get something new and fresh in your hands. Whether it be raw and bleeding or cooked and ready for feeding. It was recorded off a phone and edited with some random movie program,so.....Enjoy! So the past shows have been pretty awesome we have met some awesome new friends (some the same friends) and bands! HoyPinoy,Syntax,Aputasos,Ruptures,Gorewax,Happy Pill Trauma, Cancer Patient,Krapsmere,Nerve Control,Pig Filth!!! Check them all out they ALL FUCKING RULE!! The shows with all these bands over the past week and a half we gnarlyas hell and we cannot wait to raise hell again!! Check them out they all got some dope music for you all!! Next up? A whooole lotta shit!! Stay tuned but most of all go to this show we are honored to be a part of. Such an amazing show and lineup... https://www.facebook.com/events/246364698790525/ Spread the Plague!!!!! and watch the new IDOLS PLAGUE video!!!


Memorial Day Weekend

So we made it out to Lompoc,Ca for the first time ever last weekend. The drive had your typical Memorial Day traffic buuullshit. MAN that shit was brutal! I think we rode through about five accidents that were just chaos, a lot were motorcycle accidents. Tons of stretchers and car/bike (body?) bits all over the road. So the ride took a little longer than expected but we were more concerned about missing any of the other bands. Once we showed up we did miss the two first bands Bad Days and Locked in Silence (which was a bummer ), so check em out because they got some sick shit and tell em we sent you! Also the bands we got to witness the almighty Bloodmoon, and Raised By Wolves! ALL the bands were awesome as well as awesome dudes. All whom stuck around for our set (which was last) and showed some mad support!! It truly means so much for the bands as well as the crowd to stick around and see what each band has to offer. It shows family, positivity ,and unity in an underground/scene that lacks that all too important quality a lot of times. Always nice to feel right at home,especially with some of the finest Central Coast IPA, thanks dudes! Can't wait to go back ! We had planned on a house show in LA that fell through for the Sat night and once we got word, we set our sights on our Double Birthday Show the next night outside of San Diego in Escondido,Ca at The Metaphor which we are very familiar with. This show was fucking sik! A ton of friends , a huge pit for each band, and a solid after party to top it off!! From top to bottom Krapsmere, The Imperfex, and Nerve Control just solid ass mean,raw punk! We had a killer time all around, through the whole weekend, a ton of new friends made it really awesome! Make sure you check these bands out ... Give em some support! Also other bands doing the same because they work hard and their support is what keeps the underground solid and healthy. Next up for Idols Plague we head to The El Salvadoreno Bar in the City of Industry right outside of LA. this is a power-violence/grind show with a lineup we are super stoked to be a part of!Come party it's only two bux for a SUPER INSANE SHOW!!


260 miles to the next destination

Today we head out to Central California for the start of a Memorial Day Weekend run of shows, partying, mucho music, partying, and all kinds of shenanigans. We got a new bass head on Tommy's kick ,and I got a few new knobs to twist for some extra noisy torture!! We are extremely stoked for the new tracks we are presenting live for the first time starting tonight! A new opening and closing (kinda), brutal and fucking sick. With 4 BRAND NEW tracks , some un-recorded newer ones,and we will also include a couple oldies! Roll through the shows if your in the area and let's party! We are playing with rad bands (as well as dudes) check em' out and give em' some support! Be safe this Memorial Weekend!!! and most of all SPREAD THE PLAGUE!!!




FeetleJuice/Always the Asshole

In case you didn't already know we posted up a rough demo of our new track "FeetleJuice/ Always the Asshole". The track was recorded in order to bring some new material to the table,since the EP is already a year old and we have about ten unrecorded new tracks that we are dying to record. We got our new drummer on the track Tommy "Gun" O'connell blastin away, and if fans haven't been able to make the shows recently they are very curious to see what the new drummer and new tracks have sounded like. We recorded the tracks (2 in 1) ourselves with our good friend Noel Barajas within a couple hours due to time restraints. We were all really surprised with this very raw cut that seemed to capture the energy of a live Idols Plague performance, and the unique/natural rawness of the duo. Enjoy the track and leave some feedback or share with the friends! More to be posted shortly... SPREAD the PLAGUE!!


Check out our page for a HUGE number of shows from now until JUNE....WE ARE DEDICATED TO SPREADING THE PLAGUE....