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Green Eggs And Sam

Bluescreamers welcome Sam Collins as our new drummer. While wishing the best to Ken McCoy, we are pleased to be continuing onward.

Thanks for a great summer!

We would like to thank all of the friends and supporters who have stopped by and helped us out the past few months. We have truly enjoyed our recent association with Christina Dant and look forward to more collaboration with her in the future. We encourage you to stop by here and the facebook page to join the adventures!

More Thanks!

This week we celebrate our continued hold on the #1 blues position with the upload of a recent studio track. Thanks again for your stopping by and giving us your support!

Thanks Everyone!

We'd like to say thanks to all who have been helping and supporting our cause. Your efforts have helped us reach the lofty heights of #1 Blues Band in Indy three weeks in a row! Look for upcoming shows to be listed here soon! Also as a little party favor, we've uploaded a new live video - enjoy!