2011... Year in review

Scott here! I felt the need to recap the year's events. Of course the year isn't over yet, but for us it is winding down with our plans to write and record during November and December. We started out the year with some changes to our logo, created a Facebook profile, and then a page, which we then linked to our Reverbnation page. Our new logo retained the "d" design from the old logo, while making the rest of it more legible, making it easier for new fans to know who we are. The things we have focused on this year have been promotion, hence the Facebook and Reverbnation pages. We have also more actively supported other local acts, and built strong friendships and comradery, and that has helped us greatly in expanding our fan base. We promote them, and they, in turn, promote us. The results have been astounding! We did a television spot for Tha Soundboxx, and did an interview on 99.3 Z-rock prior to playing at the Bristol Street Fights. We have gotten airplay on 99.3 several times over the summer, and have gained great momentum for the first time since I joined the band 2 years ago. We are looking forward to our biggest show of the year next weekend, a 4 day bike rally in Lebanon VA, where we were invited to play all 4 nights! After that we have a few sporadic shows for the remainder of the year while we concentrate on writing and recording a new CD, and adding more new covers. We plan on hitting the ground running in January 2012, and hopefully continuing and building on this momentum, with the release of a new EP that represents the band in it's current form. We are very excited about the possibilities that 2012 hold for us, and look forward to returning to full swing in the coming year!