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The new new stuff

In Jan 2015 we released the last single recorded with Robbie Rist for the "Lost Luggage" album. It was the first single in quite a while. Steven's mom has been needing assistance, and things have pretty much stopped because of it. He sneaks in recording and mixing and producing stuff in the creases of his "new normal." New normal may be a misnomer because eventually things will change again. In the meantime, we'll be keeping things going with more mp3 single releases for a proposed third CD tentatively titled "Congress" about relationships. It'll have a more acoustic feel and probably (due to limitations) more keyboards. Please stay tuned, and if you can, turn friends onto the music. In just the first week of "Nothing's Easier" being released, we got quite a bit of listens, and appreciate every single one! Thanks!

What Happened...

For starters, I want to say I'm back. My father died last July, right in front of me, unexpectedly at the VA Hospital in Reno, NV. This left my 81 year old mother on her own after 53 years of marriage. I also had been accepted to Boston U, and was "in transit" when Dad died.

Obviously this put my priorities in a different order, and music production stopped. I also suffered a relapsed hernia in the process of all the moving, Dad's arrangements and setting Mom as best I could before I left her for Boston.

"No Light" was the next song for release. It deals with child abuse, and considering events, I didn't think I could handle it properly until just last month when classes at BU winded down, and I felt motivated to get something new out before leaving Boston. I wasn't able to stage any shows because of the hernia and lack of an amp, but I shall return. I love the city much more than I ever cared for Hollywood or L.A. It's just a different vibe, and liberating at that.

I appreciate the support from all of you, including the folks on FARK,com and the continuing support and encouragement from folks from Psoma, and Nice Guy Eddie, and Robbie Rist.

Hopefully, I'll be able to release something in July, then August. There may be another dead period after that since I'll be finishing up my Boston Univ. studies in Washington D.C.

Best Wishes to all of you! Steven Graff (BMI), Slapdash

A single-a-month!

Since last Sept. we began to release a single once a month. There have been delays along the way, but we've mostly been able to follow through with the plan. So far we've released the following singles: "Fond Farewell" "Questions and Answers" "Election Day" "Don't Be Alone" "Try Not to Forget"

plus our next single, "Driving Home."

The response and process has been so fluid that we may just release singles from now on. The marketplace has changed, and we have to respond to these changes in cost-effective ways. Of course, fan feedback would be helpful. If you'd rather see the "Lost Luggage" CD emerge at the end of our "single-a-month" program, please let us know...otherwise, the Robbie Rist mixes won't see the light of day until later.

Thanks for all your support! Steven from Slapdash

IPO and "Lost Luggage"

We're gearing up for our Aug 9th IPO show at Fais Do-Do, but we're also prepping for the sessions that will result in our second CD! It's tentatively titled "Lost Luggage" and will feature songs which are more focused of social and societal issues. Odds are that no "new" songs will be featured in our 30 min set at IPO, but the band will debut it's newest addition, Scott Brown (Finland Station) on bass. We're also doing something new with the song "A Common Destination" that is gonna knock your socks off! The IPO show is ALL AGES, so bring your guy or girl, your kids, your pets and whomever you've rented your attic out to and enjoy the fun!