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I'm one of the other new peoples. Just quit smoking and am already looking back. I'm the guitarist, in case you're wondering. I just recently decided to get serious with the whole music thing. I'm hoping to start touring and shit soon. I'm not really good at wrapping things up, but I like how Mr. Cold ended his. Blueberries. Hope you don't succumb to madness. Mr. Hyde.

Project Darkless
Project Darkless  (over 6 years ago)

Mr. Hyde,
Smoke or dont.. Jesus Loves you either way and so will our audience.. Plus how else are you gonn pay me for studio time for the other band? Cigarette bumming is way cheaper than me charging u an hourly rate? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH but for real though.. keep practicing.. i know you'll get these songs down just right for the shows..

I'm the new guy

Hi, I just wanted to say whats up to you folks. I'm the new vocalist in Project Darkless. I wanted to just say hey. Oh yeah, and to say we're gonna have new recordings coming within the next few months with the new band together. Its been a pleasure rambling on about this topic. Blueberries. Keep your heart full of fire and happiness, Mr. Cold

Project Darkless
Project Darkless  (over 6 years ago)

Its nice to finally have a backing vocalist who knows how to back me up without having to try hard.. Mr.Cold you will do us all proud!

Today's Special

Ok folks, I wanted to take a second to talk about all these awesome bands that add this page as a fan...

I have always sought out a very few things from my metal.. Hard rocking sound, killer groove, powerful vocals, and even more powerful lyrics.. that and god entertainment value...

there have been a few that have especially caught my attention , and i find extremely entertaining...

this my top 5 list

5 in shadows embrace -

4 red angel theory

3 extreme hate frequency

2 seven days lost


really dug perpetual a lot..

anywho.. hope you all stop by and check this list out.. listen to our music,. and the music of everyone on this list.. tty all soon

mr sin

Project Darkless : Progress Report

So, nearly a month has gone by since i last blogged here.. in that time we found our live rhythm section.. A band name I've Written Eulogies has joined Project Darkless , and now we are hard at work gearing up for a few shows and the final recording sessions for the album.. The writing has begun. the energy is already intense amongst us all when we get together to hang out. So at least for myself, this is promising..

We will be all coming on the blogs to talk now .. so keep you eyes glued to the blog section as you come back to visit us again.. to look for whatever the rest of the band is saying.. and as always.. give us a holla!

Much love to you and yours from us and ours..

Project Darkless -mr sin

Project Darkless : Progress Report

So this is a slow start as some things can be.. I wasnt expecting much when i had this silly idea.. Collaborate with other musicians who are in between bands or solo-ing.. and start making an album out of some of our old songs.. I made a bunch of recordings , but never found a producer to run the album through.. Then i found reverb nation.. i was able to effectively make that album for free here.. no one knows about it.. its my dirty secret.. I would only suggest a hardcore fan buy that after I die.. (if i even get one of those)

Anywho.. Along comes cliff thanks to craigs list of all places.. and this new music.. thanks to him we got a bad ass sound to tout around and scream to..

so far so good, 2 songs in and our bro aaron is writing acoustic stuff like crazy now.. so be looking for all that real soon.. and enjoy what we have posted..

Probably going to stop all the posting of new material for a while.. We want the rest of our sound to be a secret just yet... but we promise..

itll be big.. pretty, mean, and metal..

holla if you hear this


New music coming quick!

Sinicism #2480: the darkless are coming.. hide your insecurities..

Anywho.. This is mr.sin stepping back in to say hello and drop the news about the next album..

which promises to be way better produced as our experience in independent recordings are becoming more well studied.. i am please to annoucned that my protege of 2 years: (Kyle "Mr Spook" Stewart); has matured into a legal aged adult and is now ready to join me in the studio for this album.. we are woking with a wizard from japan named Da-ko for an internet band/recording project called Grin Outside ..

Also coming even sooner is another chapter from the book of the darkless featuring a few songs from Kyle's Band.. as well as a couple of new tracks from Project Darkless's new band members..

and with that is all the info i am allowed to put out folks.. that and the fact that everyone involved in making music that we post is working really hard to make up new sounds, styles and better produced material for you listeners and fans of metal and rock..

drop us a line we'd love to hear from you

mr sin

Another Blog

*sin-icism# 4567: This is another blog.. a very pointless blog

So the name...

Project Darkless. That is the name of this project.. a collaboration of different underground artists over the web, my solo work ,and my old metal band..

the album name tales from the book of the darkless : book 1

promises another album, the next album, promises a more metal approach... btw.. you can hear and see leaks of some material on the page..


A blog

This is a blog.. and this is me blogging - sinicism #8763-j3

Different folks may pop in to talk time to time.. today its Mr Sin, and Mr Sin Says: This is a smaller act than what it can appear to be.. a lot of other work by us all can be found at different myspace links..

bands that helped me make this album : http://www.myspace.com/scarsofmourning - a band i used to be in and still think is awesome to hear.. http://www.myspace.com/oxideunion - more songs from oxide endeavor another band i was in and still exists without me.. http://www.myspace.com/projectdarkless - my old garage recordings http://www.myspace.com/817underground - a collage of my musical interests

and for new material , and more bands i like , keep it tuned right here!