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New Songs

Added 3 new songs on May 20th 2015. They are: "This Heart Of Mine Can't Read" -- "Givin'n Up Hope" and "I'm Holding On". Give them a listen --See what you think ! Thanks, Rob


Hey --- Have you ever found yourself day dreaming on the job? I've added a new song to my playlist --- "Short Cut Bay".It was #1 on LA's Hot Country (Internet Radio) for 2 weeks.It's a Jimmy Buffett kind of song.I've also added a little "fun" song titled:"The Next Best Thing".HOPE YOU LIKE THE TWO ADDITIONS. Rob

Chart Status

Hey Folks! For what it's worth --- My music has moved from #11 to #3 on the Reverbnation local music chart. Also, there have been over 1300 "views" on my Rob Boy's Songs sites. "The Country Spirit" is the most requested song that gets played. Hope you all keep listening and enjoying my "tunes". Rob

Rob Boy's Songs --- New Website

Hey everybody --- I've got a new website at: www.RobBoysSongs.com It's got a lot of "Cool" songs --- "Great Pic's and Links. Check out: "The Country Spirit" --- "The Girl Of My Dreams". A couple of "Chick Tunes" --- "I Ain't Takin' No Bullet" and "If You Catch My Drift". You'll be surprised at how great these songs are. I had a lot of "super" talent help me with this project --- great musicians -- vocalists -- and arrangements. HEY --- GIVE IT A LISTEN! Rob (www.RobBoysSongs.com)