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"At Years End"

Hello there ladies and gentlemen!! On behalf of this band I would like to take time to thank you all for the love and support this past year. We have been working very hard on bringing you a new album and with recording underway in Jan. we reflect on the past and toast to the future. We are nothing without ears to sing to... so thank you for being the best fans in the world. Great things are in store for 2013...Happy New year. God Bless!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Why Hello there Folks!! It has been some time since we updated our blogs and social media areas. The Band is growing stronger than ever. We are in the midst of writing for our new album. So far.... much has been accomplished. You the fan already know this. The ways you can help: Come to shows, Share our music (all local undiscovered Music for that matter). Share videos, but above all just keep being awesome and showing up to the live show shows. Anyone who has seen this band knows that live is where it's at. Thanks so much for all the support and love and God Bless you all. P.S. Get out and Vote!!!!!

Hello Everybody!!!

Hey People get ready! InDecision is making the final lap in the studio. We have been working very hard to get this record done. It hasn't been easy but everyone involved has gone above and beyond. We are shooting to be finished up by some time in august with the studio work. Once we have the record so will you. It will be available for purchase on the net as well as at any one of our shows. Thank you to all the great fans who have and will continue to support this great cause. It's been a great experience and can only get better from here. Power to the People!!!!!!! Peace!

Why Hello there!

Dear InDecision Fans, We would like to take this chance to formally introduce ourselves. We are an acoustic rock band based in Butler,PA. We formed 2 years ago and have been doing live shows locally and in Pittsburgh. We are going stronger than ever. We are working on a new album with some songs you already know plus new ones that will be on the record. Our goal is simple. We want to bring our music to the people. Not just people that will come to shows and cheer us on but people who need this music. People who need it like we do. We are all working class guys with a work ethic that shines in our songs and will do the same in our record. So keep listening, tell you friends, listen to our words. They were written for you, the fans. I hope you all enjoy the new songs and keep listening for updates on the album. Thank you so much for your support. Peace!!!!!! InDecision