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Heaven to You Video Completed!

Just as it says! I hope you are moved however God may chose to do so!

New Video coming out for "Heaven to You - 9-11 Memorial"

Hope fully this will be done in a few days, and we will get it out to you as soon as we can! this will be very thought provoking as far as 9-11 goes. Hope you all have a safe weekend.

David Sumner

Cant sleep yet!

usually I like to go to bed early but Im wide awake and bug-eyed, lots to do!!! by the way the iTunes release as well as Amazon and a bunch of others should be in about 2 months!! I guess Im excited to see what will God do with these songs. I gave up on the rockstar thing long ago, but none the less I hope these songs lift you up and brighten your day!

another try at some sleep!



New song in the store!

I have finished Born to Dance and is now in the store for you to purchase if you would like, enjoy!

David Sumner

New Record

I have 12 new songs coming out as soon as I am done with the mastering process. The CD will be available hopefully by mid spring. Thats all for now!