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January show

Planning a BIG show for January at the Bethel saloon !

New album MP3's uploaded !

ALL new mixes ! Heres the FULL new album by us. "Methead" stay tuned for ways to download soon ! ENJOY !!

Album finally will be done right !

We have T. Dallas Reed mixing and mastering our full length album and finally production will be where it needs to be. Album is going to ROCK ! Will be done anyway now !

Happy New Year !

This last year was pretty good, This new year will be even better ! We will have a new album for you and LOTS of shows !

Shirts and Hoodies !

If you'd like to be the first on your block to have an "S.K.I." shirt or hoodie but can't make it to a show ? Just contact us and we will fiqure out how to get you one ! Become part of the "S.K.I." tribe !!

New recordings !

All the songs on this site are demo"d ! The better quality songs are coming and we are shopping to labels for support ! We will up load new songs when they are ready ! ROCK ON !! And THANK YOU for your support !

"S.K.I." in the recording studio !

After a great year of local shows and a huge response to our music ! We are at this moment in the recording studio recording our first full album. We hope to shop it to a label but will not be waiting to release it on our own as we know this thing is going to take off. The song on the reverb sight now are some demo'd version of a few songs that will be on the album. Gettcha some !