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Getting busy!!

3 Songs Finished!!! It is hard to believe but yes, we have completed 3 songs for the new album!!! Chris laid down his vocals parts Saturday night and this stuff is amazing! A special thank you to Rob Cozart who is the latest GITM family member to come along. He has joined forces with us as an engineer in our new studio (more about that in a minute) and his input has been a great help. Now, about the studio. We will be moving in to the new building next month and we will be accepting clients for projects soon thereafter. The name will be announced shortly and we will get you more details as they come. If you are wanting to record with us contact me(Mike H) at this site and I will get you a quote. We will be offering on site as well as Mobile recording so keep us in mind! Thanks to every one and see you soon! Mike , Kevin , Chris and Hughie