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Our new album "Blue Light" and our fans...

The PondHawks are so pleased with the fantastic feedback our new album “Blue Light” is receiving. It is currently being played on FM and Internet radio stations in the US and in the UK.

It made the Top 20 August 2016 albums at #10 on the WRUR-FM BOSS 20 Countdown (Rochester, NY). “Future In Our Hands” made it to #1 on WBSD-FM (Milwaukee, WI).

“Blue Light” is streaming on Spotify, Google Play and Apple play. It is available on iTunes, Amazon.com, CdBaby and dozens of other sites that sell music including our official merchandise page, the only page where you can get autographed albums! http://www.pondhawksmusic.com

Since the album came out in June our LIKES on Facebook increased to over a quarter-of-a-million. As of today our entire fan base has reached 346,183. WOW!!!

We can’t thank our fans enough for supporting us and coming to our shows. We were trending on Facebook right after our River Grove concert (Sept 10) with 18,523 people talking about us.

It really means the world to us to have such a ‘special loyal group’ of fans. You are the BEST!

We thank our fans - 2015 wrap up

We had a fabulous 2015 with thousands of new fans, following us, liking us and signing up for our email list.

We ran several contests during the year for fans to win prizes and gave away lots of cool stuff. The value of the prizes given away added up to over $1,500!!! We LOVE our fans and we do so appreciate your support of our music.

When we weren't giving away prizes in 2015 we were doing concerts and broke our own attendance record for our July 3rd Leyden Township show with an estimated crowd of 8,000! WOW!

In-between gigs we were working hard on our third album. Busy writing, singing and recording music that we hope our fans will love! And we can say now that the album is scheduled to come out in early April... That's not too far away.

So here's to you our fans... we raise a glass of (? your choice) in your honor and look forward to seeing you at our shows this summer... i

A new song in the works for the holidays!

The PondHawks are working on a 'holiday single' to be released at the end of November. If you are a radio station searching for new holiday music, send an email to: info@pondhawks.com

Are you our TOP FAN?

We are searching for our top fans and there are prizes! Sign up for our newsletter to get all the details!! http://tinyurl.com/4b7nd2x

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Thank you Cesar. Follow the rules to become a TOP FAN and spread the word about out our band.

Exciting News For Our Fans

The PondHawks are working on their third album which is expected to be released at the end of May. As it gets closer to that time, we will update our progress. At the moment we are recording at Riverpool Studio and have several songs finished and others in various stages of completion. Our first single that will be launched to radio stations is complete and feedback from early previews have been overwhelmingly positive with DJ’s saying “the song has a strong potential of being a radio HIT.” We can’t be more pleased with that news. And for those of you who loved our first album, “The PondHawks Have Landed” you will be pleased to know that this new ‘unnamed’ album is a sequel to “…Landed.” Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news and find out where we are playing. You may be one of the first people to get a FREE autographed copy of our new CD when it comes out. SIGN UP!!! http://www.reverbnation.com/page_object/join_mailing_list/artist_1241547

Many Thanks

We'd like to thank our fans for the fabulous turn-out last night at our annual concert at the River Grove Gazebo. Some traveled many miles to make this show. This was our 8th year opening River Grove’s Wednesday Night Concert Series in our home town. We had a special guest in our audience last night from Chicago’s rock royalty, Bruce Gordon, who was the bass player for The Shadows of Knight. Bruce also played bass for another famous Chicago band that topped the charts, The New Colony Six. We thank him for his support and Kurt Michaels who fronts an up and coming original band called Continuum of which Bruce Gordon is a member. And of course we thank the members of our band, Mario Novelli, Jorie Gracen, “The Tony” Giangreco, Michael Gillespie, Eddie Parasi, Joe McMichael and our sound man Brian Lannon.

The PondHawks Across The Pond

Happy New Year from The PondHawks!

Hope your holidays were spectacular!

Jorie and Mario were interviewed this week on Mersey Radio in Liverpool, England by host Bob Jackson on his show "Sunday Night Live with Bob and Fi". Here are some highlights from the show:

Bob and Mario hit it off when Mario told a few of his favorite jokes that Bob said he was going to 'nick' for his own. Jorie guessed Bob's very difficult Star Trek trivia question correctly about "Scotty" (James Doohan). The origins of the name "Riverpool" (The PondHawks' recording studio and label) were divulged by Mario and more info was revealed about The PondHawks' upcoming album. Songs featured on the show were "Fire Eyes" and "Midnight Howl" from "The PondHawks Have Landed," album. Mario talked about how he and Jorie recorded the howling coyote at the end of "Midnight Howl."

All in all it was a terrific interview and many fans from around the world let us know that they enjoyed the show.


Whether you are a singer, songwriter, musician or music lover, music is your passion and an outlet for personal expression.

Why does a song move us? We can't explain it, but we can describe the process.

Many people have asked Mario Novelli and myself, "How do you write your music and where does your music come from?" For us that remains a mystery.

The process is different for everybody. Music is a journey that takes us inside our own imaginations.

There are times when one wakes up with a chord progression or a riff in their head and from there a song is born.

Songs can go through significant revisions from the moment those first notes are played. Many times lyrics are written before the music. In either case, the development of a story line or message is key to orchestrating the song.

Writing lyrics to match music is challenging. One must think of cadence, rhyming, phrasing and how the right words will give meaning to the song. Words can be descriptive, poetic, mysterious or nonsense. There are no rules because it's your song!

Musical expression plays a major part in conveying the mood factor or atmosphere of the song. For us a song needs to draw the listener into the musical core or zone of the song. The power of the singer's vocals executed with the right choice of instrumentation --carefully wrapped inside musical accents -- is where the 'ear candy' resides. If successfully done, the song will require many repeat plays to hear those hidden nuances.

In music there may be rules, but rules are meant to be broken. Creativity and imagination make great music. How you get there is the magic.

-- Jorie Gracen "aka" Lady PondHawk

http://thepondhawks.com http://facebook.com/thepondhawks http://www.reverbnation.com/thepondhawks

New album in the works and new remixes

The PondHawks are busy working on their 3rd album which will be released in the spring of 2015. They have posted remixes of two popular songs from their current album "Dreaming Over Ireland." The mixes are Karoake versions, but one of the songs got picked up by radio stations that play club mixes. The "Dreaming Over Ireland" (club mix) is making the rounds on EuroDance club radio stations in the US and Europe. You can check out the remix at this link: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_18641950

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