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Album is almost finished! More remixes on the forefront, More shows as well!

Finished shooting a stop motion video with Josh Fitzwater from Gutter Gloss which should be online this weekend!

After having played with Roughhousen, We are gearing up for our show at Wonderland June 29th! With Gutter Gloss and Heretics in The Lab! This is going to be a riot! Perhaps literally!


I submitted a remix to Angelspit a few weeks ago, I've just heard back that they will be using it on a remix compilation that should be out later this week. Very Exciting!


Still working on things. Album has been put on hold for the next month while we gear up and start rehearsals for upcoming shows. The live shows will feature Sean Martin and myself. Rashad is working on his Career Ender project and we wish him the best.

Now we're entering what can be the most frustrating part of the album process; The time when the initial excitement has worn off and you're left to just get the work done. This equates to a drive through South Carolina......it can be long, meandering and A.D.D is in the back seat screaming.


We are moving along rapidly. Having picked up vocalist Rashad Penn, we're now going through the process of writing lyrics and tracking vocals as well as finishing up song/mix parts as the songs really start to form.


Currently have 12 full songs with 5 - 6 more demo's that we're working out. We may be adding another member soon as well. Originally looking at Feb for a album release date....With this progress, maybe sooner.


20 demo songs/idea's with 6 being fully fleshed out songs. Currently Sean is creating new guitar sounds as well as tracking.