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GOOD morning

Good morning kids

I know!!!

I know, I don't do this blog thing much. Well the truth is I'm here for the music, not to leave blogs. I do like whats going on with all my fellow artist and musicians, and would like to let y'all know everything I'm up to but i just don't have the time to leave a post let alone even get online very often. So for those who get to read this and care. I will do my best to start letting you know whats going on.

steady workin'

Hey guys, Workin getting new stuff down for your listening pleasure. I'll be putting up new stuff as soon as they get complete. Thanks for taking the time to listen. Lawrence

gettin goin

Steady workin on getting this page up, amd puttin down some tracks for all yalls listeng pleasure. I would any opinions on my music. I prefer good ones, but I know my styles not for everyone. Ill get this stuff runnin complete soon.