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So.... since you are reading this, we just got through playing a long stretch of shows, most of which were out of town. We have currently rocked the Aardvark in Ft. Worth, Stereo Live, BFE Rock Club, and Einstein's Pub in Houston, and the Chetham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, which might I mention, was for an absolutely great cause. A benefit, called Teaching For America, was put on by some awesome students of Texas State University from the Pi Sigma Phi co-op fraternit group. All of our previous shows spanning the beginning of 2011, including our local stints at the SXSW festival in Austin, have been absolutely amazing to say the least. It's seeing the faces out in the crowd, some familiar, some new, some awkwardly approaching us, that fills us with the need to come back with new songs, bigger audiences, and more memories to come. Yes, you heard correctly, we even feel so inspired as to keep working on new material, (fresh after our new RedHanded EP release), for everyone to hear at upcoming shows. We continue to plan to rock the Austin music scene, which, by large margin is our favorite in all of Texas, that we have experienced so far. There's no place like home. So you bet you can expect new tunes, new faces, some of which will likely be your dance partners, and we challenge all of you to come up with new gut sickening drinks for us to man-handle. Erin can take em too ;) With every bit of youth and energy we have from day to day...we say so long for now and Happy "NOT END OF THE WORLD RAPTURE!" so long, your pals- We Paint The Town.