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SO PUT YA NUMBER 2'S IN THE AIR IF YA DID IT ON EM'..........LOL that's my song SALUTE Nicki Minaj! A week and a half ago I did an EPIC photo shoot with the awesome Mr. Cleve Harrison and Buck Tv was there to capture the BEAUTY on film. I had a great time! Now that we have released the video, all of the major blogs in SC (The Mic DVD, Writer's Block, She Bloggin, Nancy O, and more) have posted it and showed major love. I have only released ONE pic because I want to build up the anticipation. The pic is DOPENESS!!! It tells a story hence the title of my post "Shitted on Em" while wearing a CAUTION dress that my beautiful stylist @ThickieMonroe made. I'm shittin' on ALL the haters that have something negative to say about SADIE HAWKINS! It's cool to just not be feeling me or my music because it's not your cup of tea but to just flat out HATE for no reason KILL YA SELF. Any who i still love it though, makes me go harder! My grind is impeccable and it's only the beginning. If you haven't seen the picture here it is: Shitted on Em'I really had a lot of fun doing that photo shoot. I love modeling as well so it was right up my alley. The shoot is for my upcoming EP "Who The Fuck Is Sadie Hawkins?" that will drop March 25th. I'm so excited for the things to come this year! I have a solid, goal-oriented team and we ROCK! Shout out to my team @MrD0ndada Singer/Song Writer/Best Friend, @ThickieMonroe Stylist/Make-up Artist, @SixManBeats Producer, @NewNew803 Manager, @IAMMIGHTEEMIKE PR Consultant, @BuckTV Video Director and more to be named later when things are finalized. We are definitely in GRINDMODE and nothing stands in our way #TunnelVision. Here is the video of my "Who the FUCK is Sadie Hawkins?" Behind the Scenes photo shoot by Cleve Harrison video by Buck TV.......... ENJOY. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnVPOPdIpeE]

Yung Joc Shows me love!!!!

Okay last Sunday I opened up for Yung Joc along side K.O, BrickSquad's Just Rich Gates, and The guys that sing "She aint got on no draws, no drawsssssss" lol sorry I don't know their names but the song is f*@kin hilarious!!! Any who Big Moe had Fountain Bleu II on swole!!! Big Gee from Hot 103.9 had that FBII JUMPING, Gee is FIYA. Moe had it packed for his 6th Annual Freedom Party and Joc brought em out! Joc is one of the few artists that I've seen give a REAL show! He and SwagTeam showed OUT! Yung Joc gave a whole damn concert and I definitely salute that! A lot of artist just get their money, sing a couple of songs, then get on through! Joc put on Sunday! I was able to have words with him we also did our drops for BuckTv (SHOUTS OUT HOMIE!), which the video will be up soon. From Joc's and I conversation, dude is definitely down to earth and I can appreciate that! Most dudes be on some other ish.....yall know what I'm talking about lol but Joc was cool. He gave me words of encouragement and told me to keep doing what I'm doing and grinding! He saw me in ATL last month at the ATL Record Pool in his backyard and now again in SC in my backyard. The streets loving Sadie, My beautiful ladies loving Sadie, and celebrities are loving Sadie.....What more can I ask for? I F'KIN LOVE IT!


Sadie Hawkins just came outta thin air. South Carolina has a new face on the scene. There’s a new “IT” girl in the South Carolina music scene. Sadie Hawkins, Who the f*@K is that? These are some of the MANY comments about ME, South Carolina’s own MISS SADIE HAWKINS and i love every bit of them! Most people in the local music scene already knew me or knew of me but not as Sadie H. I’ve always had a love for music and the entertainment industry but i didn’t quite know what i wanted to do. I tried promotions, working with Artists and others in the industry, and even attempted to develop a dvd magazine, but being an actual artist was never on the list……until now! I love performing and i love writing my songs(regardless of what others think, yeah i hear yall talking MUAH!). I’ve found my calling and i’m gonna run with it because i know i could win! I have a solid team, a strong mind, and business about myself. Watch out South Carolina, hell watch out WORLD because i’m coming through like an OZZIE!