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A message from The Marital

Well ladies and gentlemen… the gears are turning. It is a new year with new ideas and new creativity. We are all very excited about the show we have lined up for you guys and gals at Chain Reaction. We will be playing with a very talented group of guys known as Of the vessel. Just to keep you all posted, we have all been hard at work rehearsing. We are making sure that the show is fun and exciting and memorable. You will hear known tracks like Skeletal System and White raven and others that have yet to be heard by the outside world. We promise to give you a show we will also have opportunities for prizes in the next few weeks and other bits of music maybe even a few live sets to be seen. So make sure you spread the word about us. Bring your kids!

Thanks for reading and listening Be good, (Kevin Peraza, Ean Brown, Nick Diamantides, Matt Binderim) A.K.A The Marital