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Big Halloween show at Firehouse Saloon with Krypton 88. It's gonna be a swinging, funky night filled with lots of drink specials. Come with your best costume, and party like a witch on a broom with hot apple cider, laced with apple pie whiskey! YUM!

Dinosaur BBQ, we love you!

Todd Groemminger is the man! He made us sound like we were superstars last night at Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester, NY! He said that he had the perfect equalization for the vocals, and that made my heart smile. So many people attended the show last night, and we feel so privileged to play in front of so many fantastic people. Thank you to everyone who came last night. We had a blast. The lineup was Bob Olson on guitar, Eric Davidson on bass, Greg Andres on percussion, John Payton on drums, and of course Don and me. And what a nice surprise for the John Payton Project to come up and play a few songs with us as well, with Drew Bellavia on saxophone, and Jim Versprille on percussion. We love you, and love your energy, and cannot do this without you, so thank you again, from the depths of our soul for your love and support. Many blessings! Suzi, and the rest of the band. 3

Independence Weekend!

Great weekend, and great people all around us this entire weekend. What a beautiful city Rochester, NY turned out to be on the Fourth of July. With the kick off of a beautiful day in sunny Fairport, NY, Anonymous Willpower marched with the Fairport Music & Food Festival with a musical float with Mark DeDalvo on the drums, Tommy Brunette on guitar, Mike Gladstone also on guitar, alone with Phil Campbell of the Campbell Brothers. Cinnamon Jones, and I (Suzi) sang, jumped, danced, and frolicked around the float while a parade of guitarists followed along with mini Marshall amps attached to them all playing along with an assortment of tunes. Bob Olson (of JPP, Turning Colours, and Anonymous Willpower), Steve Pizzuto (of 5Head, and The Beaumonts), Dave Shahin of Transistor Sky), and Drew Bellavia (of JPP) were marching alongside of Don Anonymous (who made his own keytar), and many other guitarists. Then a great night spent with DJ Darkwave, and Lemon Fresh Bastards, Sean Kavanaugh, along with his wife Margaret, and their friend Hilary at Flight Wine Bar then to the river to see an amazing fireworks display so close, the embers were practically burning us! After the amazing fireworks display, we went to see Teressa Wilcox tear up the Dinosaur BBQ stage, and we sang a couple songs together. Saturday, I sat in with Swing Shift to play at Glen Iris Inn at Letchworth State Park, and then I travelled to Conesus Lake to see the very talented Buddhahood finish their last few songs. North Shore Grill is a cool place indeed, in Lakeville, NY. Sat at the edge of the dock with Buddhahood's Chris DiStasio and talked about music and the stars. Speaking of Chris, he will be joining us on Thursday (this Thursday), July 10th at Sticky Lips for the 6th Annual Corn Hill Pro-Jam, and then will be sitting in with us at The 46th Annual Corn Hill Arts Festival, where we grace the stage on Saturday, July 12th from 1:50 PM-3:30PM at the Delta Airlines Main Stage at the Food Court. Afterwards, Anonymous WIllpower will host our friends Bloody Diamonds who hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia who are on a North American Tour. Come and check them out. Anonymous Willpower goes on first. Looking forward to a great week, and looking forward to seeing your smiling faces! Peace and prosperity to you, and yours. Love, Suzi

Opportunity to play at Corn Hill Arts Festival

What a great year it has been so far. We are looking forward to playing at the Corn Hill Arts Festival here in Rochester, NY on Saturday, July 12th at the Delta Airlines Main Stage! Many great artists will be there sporting their handmade goods, and Anonymous Willpower will have their own merchandise table with handmade jewelry by Suzi Willpower. Please show your support to all the amazing artist who will be sharing their goods with us. Looking forward to seeing you there!!!


Wow! April is already being kind to Anonymous Willpower! We have just been booked for he 2014 Corn Hill Arts Festival and will play at the Delta Airlines stage on July 12, 2014. We will be hosting some out of town bands in the near future as well, with one of them being Bloody Diamonds from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bloody Diamonds and Anonymous WIllpower will be playing at Monty's Krown on the same day as Corn Hill Arts Fest. Yes, that's right! Two shows in one day! July 12th is a magical date!

With that being said, we are looking forward to finishing our CD, and handing it over to Archive Records!!!

May your day be blessed, and may all of your positive thoughts lead you to clear, luscious pastures, and clean water.

Florida used to be for the birds. Now...

It is for me. We played at Kevro's Art Bar on Sunday, and man, what a great time. We are so grateful to be able to play with such a great bunch of very fine and talented musicians. Looking forward to seeing you all again in the near future. Love you lots. All of yoots!

Anonymous Willpower now on Pump Audio

we have submitted our music to license our songs for commercial, tv, movies, etc. if you have a project and you need music, we can help!

I love my band mates

The love for my band mates grows deeper and deeper every day. Don, my adoring husband, my love for him is so strong. He has made my world a better place. My darling Chris has always been so supportive, and a shoulder to cry on (but mostlyw, it's a giggle fest). I thank his family for letting him come over and play with us. Harry is an amazing musician, who has the best advice, and Greg has been a good friend for a very long time. I love you all very much. To Jason, I wish you the best in your travels, and to John Payton, thank you for always being a good, supportive friend who always has good intentions. I got your back!


Only good things to say right now about http://www.artistpr.com, as they lead me to fresher, cleaner water. We are now being reviewed by http://www.indiemusicreviews.com, and artistpr has been very helpful at making our promo kit much more attainable. If you can afford to school yourself a little, give them a quick chance. I think of it as a class.


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