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The Devil Knows You're Dead!

Hey everyone! Hope your all doing well. You can now download our new album The Devil Knows You're Dead! on our Reverbnation page and our Bandcamp page as well. If you prefer a physical copy with the poster instead, message us and we will be happy to make that happen for you. Thanks for all the support and positive feedback thus far. We truly appreciate. Keep supporting local music.

Kali Ma CD Release Show

Yo mo fuckas! We are about a week away from releasing our new CD The Devil Knows You're Dead! We will be celebrating our release at Cook's Cafe in Naugatuck, Ct. on Saturday, March 29th along with our friends Cyperna, whom are also releasing their new CD The Darker Side of Matter, Dream of Scipio, Stagger, Intercourse and The Gates of Ivory. We will have new shirts as well as our new CD for purchase. Buy a baseball T and a get a cd for free all for $20 bucks! Don't want a shirt? No problem! You can pick up the CD for $5 bucks. This is going to be an awesome event and we want to celebrate the release of our new CD with you. Come down early and rage the night away. Its going to be a slobber knocker!

New single Boomslang available for FREE download!

Hey everyone! Hope your all doing well. We have finally released our new single Boomslang off our upcoming release, The Devil Knows You're Dead! Check it out and download it for FREE! Sit back, smoke a fatty and enjoy the ride! Have a great week kids!

New album "The Devil Knows Your Dead"

Progress is coming along nicely with the new album! Still have some work ahead of us, so unfortunately, we won't hit our projected date of wanting to release this, however, it will be worth the patient wait. None the less, we're excited as we feel this album speaks volumes for us as a band. We're really looking forward to the new Vena Amoris, Lightsbane and Cyperna album that will be coming out soong too. These are great bands that represent the Ct. Metal scene in a big way.

New Kali Ma album due out August/September 2013

Yo mo fo's! Wha da ya know? I'm a big fat stinky smelly hoe! While we're not quite the illest MC's on the planet, we are entering the studio on March 30th to record a new album of all new music and have it out around August/September of this year. There is a possibility that we may have it out earlier than that, but to be on the safe side and not look like stooges, its best to say it will come out around that time frame. Expect the same Kali Ma sound, but with a breath of fresh air with new elements we've never incorporated in our style before. We pushed ourselves to write the best and most complex songs we could while retaining the essence of our sound, which revolves around groove, emotional melodies and harmonies and overall intense heavy music. We're very pleased with the songs we wrote and are eager to share them with you. As always, we create our music with the intent to convey the human soul and take you on an emotional journey through heavy metal! We have the pleasure of working with our great friend and sound engineer Ted Freeman who will be overseeing this project from beginning to end. Be stoked because we are! This is a great year for Ct. Metal and all the new music that is being put out by the great metal bands that call this state our home and we're honored to be apart of that.