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The Bitter End, NYC Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's been a while, but I'll be on stage with Jeni Englund like it was in 1996. I'll get to play Electric for the crowd, but what will be most meaningful will be getting to entertain again, even if just background vocals and some guitar.

Friday's show May 23

OH my! Was that FUN!

Don Pedro ROCKS! In spite of the late cook, who arrived after I already started eating the worst Chinese food ever, Don Pedro nosh was definitely enticing. Should have saved my appetite. THEN this other band pleaded to go first. Which turned out fine, cause their crew stayed around for me and the band to play. And they danced!!!! YAY!!!!!! Gotta dance.

New Old Song

Stand By My Side was written a long long time ago, like more than 11 years ago. It was recently resurrected with a slight lyric change. It's based on and uses the poem written by Lars Klingen, college-time boyfriend.

Getting it all together

I never understood in the past how people could be so focused on one thing. Me? I was scattered all over the place, doing whatever possible under the sun.

Well, recently an unlikely benefactor has provided me with a sum of money so that I can go full-forward on my record and devote 100% of my time to my music. With the cash, I will be able to focus for the next couple months without having to chase a freelance job to pay bills.

For the first time, I'm focused on one thing. It's amazing! Everything else seems less important (not including people). I'm getting great feedback too.

Let's see what this focus begets...


can be fun when you do what you love! Now recording a new version of my birthday song. If you haven't heard it, go to www.newhappybirthdaysong.com.

The new version is gonna rock!