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Summer Rains and Autumn Clouds

Civil unrest fuels my apetite. I watch the channel of life through eyes that've been forced to compromise in strides far greater than the creator intended. Lyrically sphericle, take out the squares from my equation's convection. A poison pen henchmen not lookin' for honorable mention from the mainstream machine; well oiled but on the same slick many slip, or unload another clip to continue genocidal ridin'. They toppled two towers to get us up in arms. Did everybody overlook that it was an extremist group and not their national guards...? Hiz'bullah praise god, Nasrallah salam Alah. Take back what's yours, I ain't hatin' at all, as long as U.N. doesn't get involved. Only seem to care when it's in their best interest. Like, Tunisian upheaval? Looked the other way since the U.S. couldn't find a way to pimp it. Point the treasonous finger, you'll only get one in return. White phophorus burns through Palestine, turned whole cities into urns! So please don't check the check, sweep it under the rug. Those carpet bombs were effective; blowing up hospitals and school buildings with little more than a shrug. Thank you patriots, these are your tax dollars hard at work!