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A new year, new goals. Can Billie stop drinking cokes? I love the fact that we have a good excuse to better our lives in some way. I cant lie, what i want to do is going to be painful for me but hopefully beneficial in the long run. I wish I wasn't the only one blogging in the band. We have a show at the Blind Pig Jan.30th for Johns birthday. See ya there.

Blog blog blog, blog blog uh ran

Blog blog blog, blog blog uh ran Blog blog blog, blog blog uh ran blog uh ra-a-a-an Polishing up some songs as we work on getting some stuff together for pre-production for our EP, due early next year!


I wait restlessly wondering if these thoughts of grandeur are laughable. Or is that what it takes to succeed? To be happy? Maybe the answer is to not wait or wonder. Perhaps it's to know and to take. Maybe its that burning feeling of hopelessness and mortality that gives us all purpose. If so, I can live with that. It's terrifyingly beautiful.


Show this Wednesday @ The Blind Pig Pub in Austin, TX. 930-1230 pm. That's right.. an extra hour more than we're ready for. Sweet. Hope everyone will come, because I am extremely unemployed at the moment. IM BROKE! IM BROKE! Wow, the decisions we make in life. Where would I be if I stayed in school? Would I actually be any better off than I am now? We have to stand by the decisions we make in life. At least when its all said and done I can say I followed my dreams! Make all of your dreams come true this Wednesday by going to see Fouled Out at The Blind Pig this Thursday.


Is it fucked up that I found it HILARIOUS to watch the Romney rally after they found out Obama was re-elected? Their faces were priceless. I know it's mean but I couldn't stop laughing. it was like watching someone hit a game winning home run smash and the outfielder barely catches it before it goes over the fence. It was that face. Did anyone else expect the race to be closer than it was? Obama murdered it. It wasn't even close. Damn yahoo, ABC, cnn polls. They had me staying up at night. We have a show this Wed. at The Blind Pig. I believe it's free. I hope to see some people there. Drummer Dandy has food poisoning from eating rotten mayonnaise sandwiches with the Dixie Chicks. I hope he's better by Wednesday. John is out of town on a marine biology trip studying the connection between being Fouled Out and being a long finned thresher shark. I wish him the best of luck. I am on my way to pick mystical wild blueberries from the Mountainous region of the Himalayas. I expect to uncover the secrets of songwriting and blueberries. Delicious Blueberries. In other news, we are redoing The Ballad of Whats to Come. This times its a keeper. Remember kids....... Don't EVER go on a picnic with the Dixie Chicks. They will put you together.

Jim Dandy

Obama won the election. Anne Romney is actually secrectly happy she doesn't have to move into a smaller house. I'm tired of hearing about politics, but it's cool that marijuana is legal in Colorado. Although I don't smoke. On Saturday I went on a picnic with the Dixie Chicks, ate mayonaise sandwiches, and took a bubble bath with recently deceased former Indian restaurateur and television show host Jacob Sahaya Kumar Aruni. Might have been a dream.. -JD

Fouled Out Animals

Many species of animals get fouled out, just like us. Bees are highly attracted to fermented substances. They will get so drunk they can't fly and if they can manage to make their way back to the hive, guard bees will tear their legs off as punishment! Birds also tend to get fouled out after eating fermented berries. Drunk birds in a flock will collide, causing injuries and death, sometimes littering the ground with many birdie corpses. These occurrences tend to scare primates. The most interesting fouled out animals, to me, are monkeys. There are quite a few species that will habitually eat rotting fruit, containing ethanol, to get shit faced. The next day they have been observed showing signs of severe hang overs. Hours after recovery they will return and repeat the process, indicating an aversion to altering their consciousness that is counter-active to survival. How different are we?


Show tonight at Lucky Lounge! Im excited. We dedicate our set tonight to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I know that really doesn't mean anything but we still do. Also to President Obama for doing an outstanding job in light of these unfortunate events. It's funny people are freaking out.. ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. I feel fine. I'll tell you what... If Romney gets elected then I might just believe it. Enough political views. Come see our show! I love you all. Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Independent it doesn't matter, I still love you. Follow us on Twitter! @fouled_out

John the bassist

Getting pretty excited for the show @ Lucky Lounge this weekend, gonna be a good one! We're working on getting a little home studio put together. I really think it helps the writing process to be able to listen without having to play as well. I recently got mostly new guts for my PC, now I just need a new case, hopefully a little lighter, and a beefy sound card and that will be checked off the list! In other news, every singer, songwriter, corrupt politician, young couple in love, every mother, father, and child, every religion, ideal, and economic system, every plant, pet, and animal, the culmination of billions of years of evolution, is chilling on a speck of dust spinning circles around a spark hurtling through nothingness at a speed you can't comprehend. Penis.


We're playing this Saturday at Lucky Lounge. 9:00pm 21+ Support us for free! Bam Gift is writing. But I thought I was showing him Zeppelin 1. I guess not. I heard there was a sacred chord. Which one? I'd love to know. You should definitely come to the show, because I may have figured it out by then. It will be fun.