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Medicine on Edge

Whoa, we're cutting edge now.

Welcome to MedicineNation. Somehow, we've found the time to get associated with the music biz world via internet style connects.

We hope you find a taste of our musical magic here. In person, we're way cooler and have waaaay more light aura around us. It's true. We all do.

Anyway, stay in touch and keep the airwaves open. We're steppin' into some big doo doo this 2011 and that's a great thing. No wipin' it off. We're takin' it in for a closer look. Wow, that metaphor is terrible, but seriously - you're about to hear us everywhere.

Time for movement among the dead and dieing.

Zombies doing the will of Spirit. Ingest and be healed.

Blessings tenfold.

We go.