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Insight on the music scenes in Los Angeles, Ca and Austin, Tx

After living in Los Angeles and pursuing a music career there for almost 10 years I feel like I have some knowledge about what its music scene is like. I moved there from Charleston, Wv at the age of 19 with dreams of becoming a rock star. Its seems that it is a common misconception that L.A. is one of the best places in the world to do just that. I believed so myself before I moved there but after living there for 10 years I found that it is not necessarily true. From the 1960s with bands like the Doors and even through the 80s with Motley Crue and Guns and Roses that statement was true but the scene just isn't the same anymore. It is nice to be able to say that I played on the same stages as those legendary bands but these days bands have to pay the clubs for the privilege of playing on those stages. I found that is has become more of a showcase town where you play 1 show a month if that and invite every person you know to try and pack the club with a hope that the right A&R person will be there that night and want to sign you. If you don't invite your friends and coworkers to your show in L.A. you will be playing to an empty club. I don't regret moving there at all because I gained many great life experiences and it was an excellent training ground for me as a musician but I am happy now and have been more successful living in the smaller city of Austin and learning how to market myself online with programs like John Oszajca's music marketing manifesto. I have only been in the Austin music scene for about a year but I have found it to be a little better than Los Angeles. There is somewhat of a local walk in crowd at many of the venues and people seem to appreciate new music here a little more. Also, bars and clubs pay bands here although its usually only enough for gas and a meal but at least its something. I believe that Austin will be a good home base and by continuing to learn more about how to market myself over the internet and touring around to smaller Texas towns and eventually other states it will be possible to make a living playing music.