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Hey guys! I have just released my solo mixtape Burning Bridges! It's FREE! All you have to do is follow this link: http://www.4shared.com/file/NnfVaFeO/Inflame-BurningBridges.html , and download it! I'll be putting most of the songs up here too, so you can download the songs individually from here, too! Enjoy guys! And, if you like it, be sure to tell your friends about me!


Hey guys, just lettin' ya know that my mix-tape "Burning Bridges" will be dropping on March 15th! It will be a FREE digital release!


Hey guys! I've got a new name, AND, now a new page. There are only four songs on here so far, but, with your help, there will be over TEN! All you need to do is tell everyone you know about me, and send them to my page, and tell them to hit that "LIKE" button on the top of my page (If they have a facebook account.) When I hit, lets just say, 300 "LIKES" I'll release my mixtape, Burning Bridges. I've got more cookin' up too, so keep watching! :)