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Monday Aug 30 '10

Here are news... Possible recording session set for a couple of weeks. There will be new songs to listen to too. Present house gig at Serious Coffee/Cook St Vic done for now, but there will be more this fall. Keep eyes up for possible concert with local yokels. The ants are blowing in the wind, Yrz, Danna.

Still here

So. Since '08 there have been shows and things, and health stuff, and moving and writing. I've spent a good summer with a house gig at Serious Coffee/Cook St Victoria BC with shows at James Bay Market and a few living room concerts. Tough nut to crack, this Victoria is. I've been rocking out on my new axe, a 000-28 style rosewood Recording King from Larsen Music (free plug there) and it has been a very good thing. Picked up an old red pickup truck like I always wanted and I'm slowly bringing him up to touring shape. 2011 looks like the summer of love for me, so I'll be planning on travel and shows through June and August. Got some money down on a new banjo, so that will be a welcome addition to the fleet. It's been a summer of extreme ups and downs, but as mehetibal the cat says, "...there's a dance in the old dame yet."

Danna gigs out. Whoo Hoo!

Hey Flora and Fauna, I'm doing a set at the International Women's Day Fund-Raiser at the new Camas Books on Kings and Quadra. It's a small venue, but it will be good. And I've been contacted by a church in Nanaimo to talk trans issues, after they saw my interview in Monday Mag. And so, my plans for world domination begin to inexorably unfold. Tremble before my awesome vocabulary, puny mortals!!!

Now You See Me...

Well, I finally made the big time and after 35 years, I have an artist page with songs and info and stuff. Not bad for a folk broad in her '50's, yes? My product will be available for listening and ordering just as soon as I can convince my ancient Dell laptop, Beelzebub, to load on more songs. I'm relatively new to Victoria, having been here only 4 years, which were mostly spent at UVic finishing up my double major in English and History. Before that, I was living in Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory for 15 years, where I did most of my recording, and tour and gig booking. The staggeringly awesome beauty, and the stripped down life of the North were the main catalysts for my present catalogue, although my career started in Montreal at the famed Yellow Door Coffeehouse in the late 60's, playing in the company of Canada's music elders including Jesse Winchester, The McGarrigles, Victorian flat-picking virtuoso Dave Clarke, and the magnificant Penny Lang. Starting January, I'll be coming to an open stage near you. And so...it begins (again).