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C&W is deep in my heart

What more could I have asked for than a life filled with great music. From an early age I have enjoyed so many genre's of music; country, soul, jazz, East Coast beach music and instrumental music of all kinds. My heart has always been steep in country.

During my years as a clogger on the C&W package shows from 1959-1963, I couldn't take my eyes off the guitar players and by the time I turned fourteen, I started to play professionally. My first "pro" performance was with Alex Houston and Elmer at a theme park near Chattanooga, TN.

By 1965, I was consumed with guitar and the best players around were in the "soul" music groups so I turned my attention to the Soul/R&B genres. Because I could actually read music, I had wonderful opportunities to play with terrific artists all the way into the mid '70's. My experience at North Texas State University paved the way for a wonderful career.

But in 1976 the fateful call came for me to come to Nashville. Country music was calling and I sure wanted to get back to my first musical love. Nashville was very good to me. I learned early how to carve a niche out in the industry which afforded me opportunities that other musicians and singers just weren't cut out for. Again the ability to arrange and produce a fast-paced type of show netted me the best showrooms in the country to perform in.

In 1994, my wife and I decided to "retire" from the music business and move to the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee with our two daughters. Retirement was obviously out of the picture. Since living here, I have enjoyed a re-newed career with new facets, and have no plans to ever retire. What a wonderful place to live!!

New Classic Country Records is a dream fulfilled for me. Our intent is to grow a new genre of country and western music...New classic country and western music. All over the world millions of people still hunger for that classic country and western sound. It is a music that lives in your heart. With NCCR, my dream is to satisfy that hunger with new artists performing new songs in a classic C&W styling.

Having been in the industry for so long, I have seen the sad stories of where people have sold their farms to come to Nashville to make it "Big". There is no need for that to happen. No one should have to give up their security and moved to a place that is so fickle. What not be an artist while you still have your secure job and family circumstance?

One of my pet peeves is the assumption that a great voice has to be packaged in a size 3 dress or a pair of 33 Wranglers. It is senseless to ignore a person's talent based on physical appearance alone. At NCCR we want to promote great music, not great figures. We'll be happy to sell songs...not sensuality.

NCCR will afford people who have great artistry the opportunity to grow their careers without such a loss of security. I believe a great voice deserves to be heard. A great song deserves to be recorded, and in these transitional years of country music, many fantastic "gold star" writers have fallen by the wayside. NCCR welcomes all that wonderful material that has been ignored. I am proud that some of the greatest songwriters in country music history are so excited about NCCR and our mission. They will be bringing hits to our table.

I am certain that we can bring to the masses, a level of musical satisfaction that will touch hearts and lives just like it used to. Please help us grow. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Invest in the future of real country and western music. Download our material and befriend our NCCR artists. It's time we connect the artist and the fans again.

After our major launch. I will blog again and share the future of NCCR with you. Thanks for taking time to visit with me and I sure look forward to your comments.

Again, please invest in the future of new classic country and western music.

God bless you all!!