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New Material

Getting the hang of the new digital Strowtown Studio, so some new material for you to listen to. Cover off a few different genres here, and enjoying it too!

EP Update

Still working on getting the EP out through Soundhouse NZ. Taking a bit longer than planned to get all the artwork etc done, but the wait should be over soon!

Allen St Gig

Nice to get a few people turn out to see the band's first full on live performance. Great venue. Thanks to the crew there and those who listened.


The Reactions are hoping to have an EP out on vinyl early next year, featuring three tracks. Hopefully there'll be a launch party and some gigs to promote it. Been a long time since I had a record out, or played live, so looking forward to it.

new songs

Just posted some new tracks...three are from an EP I am working on as a tribute to my father who dies 50 years ago this year. The others are just because I can't stop writing and recording!


Cool to see Lorde pick up a couple of gongs..but what happened to rock music? Still I suppose the fluff of the Grammy's and the sweat of of rock aren't happy bedfellows.

New Material

Just added some new material - excuse the slight historical inaccuracies, but they fit my themes better this way. Enjoy

Talent Shows (again)

This is an interesting piece on how to interpret a song..very relevant as so many people seem to make their attachment to music through shows like American Idol, where the "artists" are like hyped karaoke singers. This "fast track" to stardom misses the fact that honing your craft as a musician or singer takes years of dedication and effort.See http://www.nextavenue.org/blog/why-harry-connick-jr-couldnt-sit-idle-during-idol

Number one in my category

Cool to get to top spot on the Christchurch rock chart, especially as I have not played live there. Thanks to all those global musicians who have listened to and liked my work. The best recognition is from your peers.

New Songs

I just added three new songs - these are some of my favourites from the early days of recording in my studio. All "old school" mixes, not done with automation, just me and the desk.